2D Barcode Scanner Module

2D Barcode Scanner Module

Syble XB-S300,2D barcode scanner module,617 LED Aimer image CMOS ,it can scan various 1D 2D barcode with screen and paper screen.
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Syble XB-S300,2D Barcode scanner module,617 LED Aimer image CMOS ,it can scan various 1D 2D barcode with screen and paper code,Quick scan speed with auto sense scanning.


2D scanning module


● Support various barcodes such as WeChat and Alipay

● New decoding chip for interpreting various 1D and 2D barcodes

● Support Chinese direct transmission of QR code

● Plug and play, easy to set up and quickly match

● Wire life more durable

Application areas

Mainly used in supermarkets, specialty stores, retail stores and other fields.

Model Number


Performance Parameters
Sensor617 LED Aimer, White LED



1D: EAN, UPC, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, UCC/EAN 128, Codabar,

Interleaved 2 of 5, ITF-6,ITF-14, ISBN,ISSN, MSI-Plessey, GS1 Databar,

GS1 Composite Code, Code 11, Industrial 25, Standard 25, Plessey, Matrix 2 of 5.

2D: QR Code, Data Matrix, PDF417, Micor PDF417, Aztec, Maxicode, Micor QR,

Hanxin code.

Scan TypeImage CMOS
Scan ModeManual/continuous/Automatic Scanning
Scan AngleYaw ±60°,Rotation ±360°,Pitch ±60°
Depth of field60-220mm
Error Rate1/5million
InterfacesUSB HID, USB-COM, RS-232
Physical Parameters
Environmental Parameters









Shock ResistanceWithstands multiple times 3 meters drops to concrete
Electrical Parameters

Interface Definition

FPC 12pin pitch 0.5 data interface, The names and signal descriptionsof each PIN PIN of

the 12PINconnector are listed in the table below.

1NC-Suspend in midair
2VCC-Power supply
4RXInput/OutputTTL-RS232 receive
5TXInput/OutputTTL-RS232 send
6D-Input/OutputUSB port for D- signal
7D+Input/OutputUSB port for D+ signal
8NC-Suspend in midair
9SPKOutputThe rumbler outputs the signal
LEDBOutputIndicator light output signal
11NC-Suspend in midair
12KEYInputWeak pull-up, low level triggers engine decoding

Company Profile

Xunbao Electronics technology CO.,Ltd. which located in Guangzhou. It is a high-tech enterprise that specializes in R&D manufacturing, supplying and service of automatic identification products. We have a professional technical team engaged in hardware design, software development and system integration, as well as a management group with innovative spirits and abundant work experience.

Xunbao technology was founded by a group of China's first barcode scanning equipment engineers in 2006 with registered capital of USD 850,000. After several years development, we have grown into a professional supplier of barcode scanners with more than 96 staff. Its headquarter office is as large as 600 square meter and the workshop occupies nearly 1000 square meter. Up to now, Xunbbao annual production capability reached 200,000pcs.

Our company is qualified by the GB/T (ISO9001:2008) with all of its products certified by CE and RoHS ,FCC. Also had a full of more than ten years management and sales experience, also has a young and passionate research and development sales team, Over the years we adhere to the "quality first, credit first, customer first, integrity-based" operating principles of market development.

In the coming years, Syble Tech would establish it as a world-class professional barcode scanning equipment manufacturer.

barcode scanner --

Syble Service

1.A full range of innovative product at competitive prices.

2.The best flexibility in order to meet customer’s various demands.

3.Accountability and efficiency in meeting customer’s needs.

4.The faster delivered times and whole sales tracking.

5.A very satisfied sales serive and after-services.


Q1: what is the working frequency of this Wireless Barcode Scanner?

Its working frequency is 2.Ghz

Q2: Dose this Wireless Laser Barcode Scanner has off-line function ?

yes , this Wireless Laser Scanner with off-line function

Q3:How long the battery can work ?

After full charge ,the Barcode Scanner can continuous working over 6hours

Q4: Do your company is a trading company ?

We are professional manufacturer of Barcode Scanner ,have factory not a trading company

Q5: what is your quality policy after sale ?

the warranty on Wireless Barcode Scanner is 2years ,and cable is 6months

Q6: What is your payment term ?

TT ,PayPal ,Western Union ,LC etc.

The Difference Between General Barcode Scanner and Industrial Scanner

1. Different scanning performance

The industrial application environment is very complex. Sometimes the bar code must be scanned under strong light, sometimes it is scanned outdoors, sometimes it is scanned at a long distance, and sometimes it is scanned in the density comparison. These factors make ordinary scanning guns unable to meet the special requirements of barcode collection in industrial environments. The most common bar code for supermarkets is the EAN-13 code. Many product barcodes are printed. The barcode quality is very good. It is easy to scan. There are many types of scanning guns, but any one can scan.

scanner price

2. Different barcode scanner

IP level First, popularize what is intellectual property. IP level is one of the important safety features of electronic products, commonly known as shell protection level. This set of numbers means that the lamp housing can ensure that the lamp works safely in the corresponding natural environment without causing external insecurity. The former means that the scanning gun can prevent the intrusion of external solids or liquids, and will not cause short circuits and fires, which will cause accidents; the latter means that the scanning gun can prevent electric shock, ensuring the safety of users or inadvertent contact with people or animals. The natural environment has many factors that affect electrical safety, such as shock vibration, corrosion, explosion, temperature difference, etc., but the most common are: solid objects: people, animals, workers. Equipment and dust; liquid: rain, spray and soak.

If you consider the industrial environment and the supermarket environment, we know that the industrial environment is worse than the supermarket environment. When using a scanning gun, it is likely to encounter factors such as fluid intrusion, more severe shock and vibration, and large amounts of dust. Therefore, industrial scanners are usually subject to industrial grade assessment to determine the stability and reliability of the scanner. No one wants to buy a scanning gun that has been broken all day and delayed normal production. In contrast, the supermarket environment has greatly reduced the IP rating requirements of the scanner.

3. Different Barcode scanner price

Industrial scanning guns are usually rainproof, dustproof, waterproof and expensive. Supermarket scanners also have a certain IP rating, but due to cost reasons, the industry rating is usually very low. You can't use scanners to drop or soak in water in supermarkets, so there are usually hundreds to thousands of scanners in supermarkets, which is far lower than those in industry.

Although industrial barcode scanners are different from supermarket scanners, the ultimate goal is to better scan and collect barcodes. Just use different scanning guns according to different requirements of the use environment.

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