Desktop 2D barcode scanner

Desktop 2D barcode scanner, large scan window and high resolution
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Desktop 2D barcode scanner

Model: XB-8808

Syble XB-8808 is 1D / 2D desktop barcode scanner, it is with large scan window and high resolution, very popular at supermarket, even many scales companies need it.  

In order to meet customers' demand for diversified products, we have launched a 20-line large-angle laser scanning platform 

Stable and reliable work, excellent performance, more can support the minimum 4mil bar code


Performance Parameters

Light Sources

SXGA-W(Width1280*high1024) Ratio(5:4)

Supported Symbologies

1D:EAN-8,EAN-13,EAN-13 2 add-on,EAN-13 5 add-on,ISSN,ISBN,UPC-A,UPC-E,Code11,Code 32,Code 39,Code 93,Code 128,Codabar,Industrial 2 of 5,Interleaved 2 of 5,Matrix 2 of 5,ISBT-128,GS1-128,GS1 DataBar(RSS14),GS1 DataBar Limited,GS1 DataBar Expanded.

2D:PDF417,MicroPDF417,QR-code,MicroQR, Data Matrix,QR,Aztec.

Scan Range

 5mil(Code39) 1cm~15cm; UPC-13mil 1cm~33cm; 20mil(code39) 1cm~40cm; 20mil(QR Code) 1cm~28cm

System compatibility

Linux,Android,Windows XP,7,8,10,MAC

Minimum recognition accuracy

Code 39 4mil

Barcode Type

1d or 2d barcodes for Paper or Film;1d and 2d for screen ,like Phone tablets

Motion tolerance


Scan Mode

Automatic continuous reading mode

Support Keyboard

Support Multi-Language

Barcode output editing

Support for adding suffixes

Print contrast


Recognition angle range

Turn angle ±360°, elevation angle ±60°, declination angle ±70°

Mutual Move

Led : Red and blue bi-color indicator: red light reading code, blue light power indicator. Beeper : Startup prompts, reading tips.

Button : Switch three tones; switch read-only 1D mode.



Physical Parameters







Cable Length


Environmental Parameters

Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature


Relative Humidity

5%~95% RH(non-condensing/non-freezing)

Waterproof and Dustproof

IP54 standard

Ambient Ligh



-Compatible with Linux,Android,Windows XP,7,8,10,MAC OS

- 20 scan lines, 5 scan directions

- Simple appearance, stable performance, in line with a variety of commercial applications

- Supports almost all standard one-dimensional and two-dimensional bar codes

- Support automatic wake up function

- high pitch Buzzer hint

- Motion tolerance up to 3.8m/s

- Good ABS material, the shell is solid and can withstand the impact of several ground falls and still work  normally


The desktop barcode scanner widely used in major industries, stores, convenience stores, catering, express delivery, library, drug supervision and other industries.



 We are profession manufacturer of barcode scanner, we can offer high quality products, competitive price and good service.

 Bar code scanning knowledge

  1. Handheld bar code scanning devices are generally available in red light (CCD) and laser

    a. Red light (CCD)

    Diffused light source scanning, scanning distance is relatively close, reading rate is low, the damaged bar code by its obvious! The advantage lies in the price low, applies to the scanning frequency lower industry use! For example: library, small retail store

    b. Laser

    By laser beams to read bar code scanning data, and can move freely to the object scanning, so the length of the bar code will not be restricted under the scope of permissible, but red light must come into contact with the surface of the bar code to read, laser scanner scan distance is CCD came far, in can be hung across the barcode scan. And high literacy rate.

  2. Wireless bar code scanning equipment is divided into bluetooth real-time and data acquisition

    a. Bluetooth

    Bar code collection is implemented through bluetooth technology, but it has certain geographical limitations, and can generally be scanned within an effective distance of 10-30 meters within the city. It is widely used in small warehouses and information collection of organs and units.


    Communication block connection, not restricted by the region. Applications can be installed on demand. Excellent cost performance