What Is CCD Barcode Scanner?

- Nov 22, 2018-

Barcode readers using CCD (Charge Coupled Device) technology are termed as CCD scanners. They are also called as linear imager barcode readers. A series of small light sensors are arranged in a single row in a CCD barcode scanner. They measure the ambient light emitted by the barcode. They are designed in such a way that they can withstand harsh working conditions.

CCD Scanners have no moving parts. Lasers have oscillating mirrors that are subject to wear and mechanical failure.

CCD Scanners use LEDs for illumination. LEDs have about ten times the life of laser diodes. Their illumination level is safe for direct viewing, so safety precautions are not necessary.

CCD Scanners are generally smaller, lighter and a little expensive than laser scanners.

CCD Scanners have scan rates of 45 scans per second or faster, which is lower than laser units.

Here are some advantages of CCD scanner over laser scanner

CCD scanners incorporate use of LED lights for illuminating the barcode. They last for about ten times longer than laser scanners.

Unlike laser scanners, they do not have any moving parts. So, they are less susceptible to damage or failure. They are resistant to regular wear and tear.

When you use a laser beam, it is necessary to follow certain safety precautions with respect to direct viewing. As they do not use any laser beams, they are not associated with any safety specifications.

CCD scanners are inexpensive when compared to laser barcode scanners now.

In recent years CCD has become a major technology for digital imaging. In a CCD image sensor, pixels are represented by p-doped metal-oxide-semiconductors (MOS) capacitors. These capacitors are biased above the threshold for inversion when image acquisition begins, allowing the conversion of incoming photons into electron charges at the semiconductor-oxide interface; the CCD is then used to read out these charges. Although CCDs are not the only technology to allow for light detection, CCD image sensors are widely used in professional, medical, and scientific applications where high-quality image data are required. In applications with less exacting quality demands, such as consumer and professional digital cameras, active pixel sensors, also known as complementary metal-oxide-semiconductors (CMOS) are generally used; the large quality advantage CCDs enjoyed early on has narrowed over time.

For now CCD barcode scanner getting popular in China domestic markets,because it can read payment barcode from smart phones ,with the technologys developing ,the cost of CCD barcode scanner decreased very fast ,now it is nearly same laser barcode scanners .this help CCD barcode scanner use in more and more industries than before.

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