What Is A Fixed Scanner?

- Aug 17, 2018-

Fixed scanner uses advanced CMOS sensors, lighting and optical technology, can quickly read two-dimensional and one-dimensional barcode, OCR characters and capture a clear digital image. Compact design, compact size, light weight, suitable for installation and integration in a small space into other equipment.

Fixed scanner uses industrial grade design, all-metal shell, dust-proof and waterproof, to meet various industrial environment and harsh environment applications. A plurality of mounting holes are convenient for fixing installation. A plurality of LED indicators indicate the working state, the sound and I/O output can be set up, which is more convenient for users to use.

Fixed scanner has a variety of sub-models, to meet various application environments: whether it is read 5MIL high-density two-dimensional bar code, or long-distance reading needs, there is always one can meet your requirements; can be customized according to customer needs design, is a universal scanning equipment, fully meet your medical equipment The bar code reading needs of self-service terminals, office applications, electronic manufacturing and other fields.

Product features

Support multiple standard codes and characters.

Almost all the one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcode can be read, and it supports reading OCR characters.

Compact design

Compact size, light weight, smaller than the same performance level of fixed readers, easy to install and integrate in a small space.

Automatic induction mode

The product can be set to induction mode without external sensors, auto sensing bar code and automatic scanning reading. It can also be triggered by external signals or instructions.

Omni directional reading bar code

360 degree omnidirectional reading bar code, minimize the trouble of locating bar code, ensure fast and accurate reading bar code.

Model selection

It has a variety of specifications and models, and provides customized design and development to meet diversified needs.