What Is 2D Barcode Scanner?

- Nov 25, 2018-


Denso Wave’s QR Code can hold as much as 7,000 digits or 4,000 characters of text – compared to a 1D Code which can only hold about 20 characters.because of QR barcodes can contain more info than 1D barcodes ,and it is easy to decode ,so it most use in health care ,government projects etc . such as the India government issued a document with personal profiles through QR code , it contains over 1000 digits ,detailed the owners birth date ,place ,gender ,introductions , when they go to government apply something,it is easy for the office to extract the info from the document and increase efficiency and save time .

And most South American countries use PDF417 in their ID card and driver license. It also contain hundreds digits and detailed the citizen’s profile ,it is benefit for the government staff to handle

it ,just need a 2D Barcode Scanner to read the PDF417 in the document, no need type in to the computer by hand.

2D barcodes can be used to import data from external sources like  Office programs, MS SQL Servers, and other databases and files; this means they can often be efficiently integrated with a company’s existing tracking methods and then used to improve those methods.

For now nearly every one has a smart phone ,it can read 2D barcodes from merchandise labels ,other mobile devices displays through its application installed like Wechat ,Apple pay etc,it allowed important info shared with customers easily and quickly .customers can get info by scanning the 2D barcodes in advertisement and products labels ,to track the products produce date and Advertisement detail.

2D barcode scanner use both CCD and Imaging technology to read barcodes. Additionally, our 2D scanners can be offered in corded and cordless form factors, or can be connected to iOS/Android smartphones and tablets. Whether you need a 2D scanner for the general purpose point of sale or for a rugged warehouse environment,  one of our product will be suitable to you.

Syble as a professional barcode scanners manufacturer from China ,we have developed many kinds of 2D barcode scanner which include wired and bluetooth models , it can compatible with different operating systems and equipment like point of sale check out ,the bluetooth models can connect to IOS or Android mobile devices ,which support long distance data capture and transmit to host to process.

No matter what kind of 2D Barcode Scanner you need ,please contact one of our sales expert for professional suggest .