What Are The Types Of Barcode Scanners?

- Aug 17, 2018-

What types of barcode scanners are there? There are currently three types of bar code scanners on the market: one is a CCD scanner, one is a laser hand-held scanner, and the other is a full-angle laser scanner.

(1) CCD scanner

The CCD scanner uses the principle of photoelectric coupling (CCD) to image the barcode printing pattern and then decode it.

Its advantages are: no shaft, motor, long service life; cheap.

(2) Laser handheld scanner

The laser hand-held scanner is a single-line scanner that uses a laser diode as a light source. It mainly has two types of mirrors and mirrors.

(3) full angle laser scanner

The full-angle laser scanning gun is a bar code scanner that refracts laser light emitted by a laser diode or a plurality of scanning lines through an optical system, and the main purpose is to reduce the labor of aligning bar codes when the paying personnel enters bar code data.

The above is the classification of bar code scanners, each of which has her advantages, so which scanner to choose depends on the requirements of the work environment.