What Are The Transmission Methods Of Common Barcode Scanners?

- Aug 17, 2018-

In modern society, all kinds of tools have become convenient products for people. Bar code scanning gun is one of them, such a tool can make people quickly scan product information, get product prices and so on. This special tool is achieved through some transmission methods. What are the common ways of transmission?

The transmission mode of bar code scanning gun is mainly divided into two ways, one is wired transmission mode, the other is wireless transmission mode. In fact, this is also the classification of scanning guns, and wired and wireless have their own advantages. The so-called wired transmission is actually an index line connected with a computer or related equipment through the device and data line for data transmission. And wireless is not limited by the data line, can be transmitted through Bluetooth or wireless network and so on, is relatively the most convenient way of transmission.

The different transmission modes have different product types. Wireless transmission of the wireless scanning gun actually requires the sea through a dedicated wireless bar code adapter to match the use. Of course, the quality of the scanning guns produced by different brands is different in similar products. Consumers should not only pay attention to the difference of transmission mode, but also pay attention to the choice according to the decoding ability of the barcode scanning gun.

The common way to transmit the bar code scanning gun is introduced here. In summary, we can know that there are mainly two kinds of products in the market, wireless and wired, which can be selected according to actual needs. Relatively speaking, the price of wireless bar code scanning gun is often higher, because of its convenience, indirect operation and decoding ability are relatively strong.