The Role Of Barcode

- Aug 17, 2018-

Bar code is a kind of data carrier. It plays an important role in the process of information transmission. If the barcode goes wrong, the communication of goods information will be interrupted. Therefore, the quality of barcode must be effectively controlled to ensure that barcode symbols can be correctly read in the supply chain, and barcode detection is an effective tool to achieve this goal. The goal of bar code detection is to check whether barcode symbols can play its proper role.

Main tasks:

Make the symbol printer inspect the product in order to adjust and control the production process according to the inspection results.

Predict the scanning recognition performance of bar code. Through barcode detection, we can evaluate the degree to which the barcode symbol meets the symbol standard, which is closely related to the barcode symbol reading performance.

Popularization of bar code technology in spare parts logistics

Strong interface technology between bar code technology and information system

Spare parts logistics center information system has already considered the need of barcode when it is planned and implemented. Barcode system and warehouse management system realize seamless link. Even if the later barcode links to SAP, it can also use RFC interface provided by SAP or corresponding DCOM components to add barcode support.

The unique role of barcode technology in spare parts logistics management

Bar code is also easy to operate and easy to maintain. For outdoor occasions, it is very inconvenient to use the computer to register information. By using the bar code collector, the collected bar code information can be stored in the collector at the operation site, and then transmitted to the computer. The bar code collector has the advantages of light shape, easy operation, no need to install configuration software system, and greatly improves the usability of the system.

In addition to its technical characteristics, barcode can also accomplish many tasks that traditional logistics can not achieve in the logistics system. By giving each item a unique bar code, the flow of the item can be completely tracked to achieve:

When goods are lost, they can be found in sales and customer service.

Prevention of regional distribution in sales

Improving the quality of after-sales service

Establish a quality feedback system related to production.