The Difference Between Wireless Scanner And Mobile Scanner

- Aug 17, 2018-

In terms of scanning speed, the speed of scanning barcodes of mobile phones is incomparable with wireless scanners. The scanning barcodes of mobile phones require built-in decoding software for image scanning, analysis, output, etc. to be displayed on the mobile phone, while wireless scanning guns With professional decoding chip and camera, the decoding speed is calculated on the order of milliseconds. The following details the difference between mobile phone scanning and wireless scanner.

(1) Design aspects

The function of the mobile phone is various, and the scanning bar code is only one of many functions. The reason why the mobile phone can scan the bar code is that the mobile phone contains the decoding software inside. The mobile phone scans the two-dimensional code by relying on the camera to capture the picture, and the built-in software analyzes and outputs the second time. . The wireless scanner has a professional barcode scanning engine that professionally scans the barcode QR code. From a professional point of view, mobile phone scanning is a "soft decoding", wireless scanner is a "hard decoding."

(2) different operations

When the mobile phone scans the bar code, it is necessary to adjust the position of the mobile phone several times, and the position is not changed at will, and the scanning bar code is not flexible enough, and the reading speed is slow.

The way the wireless scanner scans the bar code is called “outside aiming”. When you press the start button, the scanning position is automatically adjusted. You can successfully read the bar code without manually moving the scanner or bar code back and forth.

(3) Different communication equipment

The barcode information scanned by the mobile phone is only displayed on the screen of the mobile phone, and can communicate with the software app on the mobile phone at most. If it is to be displayed on the computer or other devices, it is not a simple matter.

The wireless scanner supports a variety of ports, USB/RS232/network port communication and other serial ports are supported. The wireless scanning application software basically uses these communication protocols. The bar code information scanned by the wireless scanner will be directly output to the application. In software, it is displayed on a computer or other system.