The Difference Between Embedded Barcode Scanning Module And Fixed Barcode Scanning Module

- Apr 21, 2020-

The difference between embedded barcode scanning module and fixed barcode scanning module

Generally speaking, the barcode scanning module is the hardware decoding device of the barcode scanner, which can be written into the corresponding industry application function program according to user needs. In our daily life, we have purchased the goods in the offline physical store business supermarket, clicked the payment code, and the supermarket cashier read the bar code on our screen with a scanning gun to collect the money. The corresponding decoding operation.

    The barcode scanning module has the advantages of small size and high integration, and can be easily embedded in mobile phones, tablet computers, printers, assembly line equipment, medical equipment, and other equipment in various industries. Barcode scanning modules are divided into embedded and fixed barcode scanning modules. Some (one-dimensional or two-dimensional) embedded scanning modules can only support barcodes printed on paper media for scanning identification and decoding, but cannot support screen codes, but this does not mean that the performance is not good. So, which is better, embedded or fixed barcode scanning module?

(1) Different encapsulation

    As a finished product that has been packaged, the fixed scanner has an independent housing with a barcode scanning engine built in. Just like the scanner directly communicates via USB or serial port. It can also be embedded in smart devices, such as the New World FM420 barcode scanning module and the fixed QR code reader IVY-8040. Because the fixed scanning module has better sealing and hard material, it generally has the characteristics of waterproof, anti-drop and anti-dust. Embedded can be embedded in self-service machines, smart cabinets, access control or handheld devices. Which specific machine is embedded is limited by the scanning module size and scanning performance requirements. In addition, it can also be used externally as a mobile payment barcode scanning engine on the desktop like a scanner. It can also be used in industrial assembly line equipment.

(2) Different applications

    The fixed barcode scanning module is generally suitable for use in the surrounding working environment and the scanning environment is particularly harsh, which can extend its service life. The embedded bar code scanning module is more suitable for enterprises with higher requirements for bar code scanning equipment.

(3) Different cost levels

    Under the same performance parameters, the embedded scanner will be more expensive than the fixed type.

There are many types of barcode scanning modules, which are widely used, and the application fields involved will continue to increase in the future. If you want to know more about the specific performance parameters of the barcode scanner module, you can visit.

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