One-dimensional Bar Code Scanner Operation Instructions

- Aug 17, 2018-

The instructions for the one-dimensional barcode scanner are very simple. The following section shows you how the barcode scanner is scanned.

The first step is to connect the barcode scanning gun to the computer with a data line. One end of the data line connects the data line socket of the scanning gun, and the other end connects the USB port of the computer.

The second step is to hold the trigger button until the light is activated and then loosen, then there will be red lighting area and focus line.

The third step, hand-held scanning gun, the red focus line on the bar code to scan, and adjust the distance between the scanning gun and the bar code, until the best reading distance.

The fourth step is to hear the successful sound of the prompt, the red lighting line is extinguished, the reading code is completed, the scanning gun will sweep the data to the computer.

After learning the operation method of the bar code scanning gun, we realized that the function of the bar code scanning gun replaces the manual input, which is more convenient and fast. We abandoned the keyboard and scanned the data from the barcode with a scanning gun and displayed it on the computer. Barcode scanning gun is the product of human development, but also the needs of people's progress. Now more and more industries can see the traces of scanning gun, including supermarkets, medical, express delivery, library management, warehouse and so on.