New Applies Of Barcode Scanner

- Nov 01, 2018-

It has been a long time since 1D barcodes invented and used in many industries such as logistics ,retails,warehouse,hospitals etc .the efficiency sharply increased with the data capture technologys development, first is contacted type CCD barcode scanner , Laser Barcode scanner to read simple 1D barcodes like EAN13,which is prevalence use in all most merchandise in supermarkets .at this period ,barcode scanner use as a terminal to capture the data and upload to host .

1D barcodes only contain limited digits ,as technologys development 2D barcodes such as QR,DM,PDF417 etc invented ,it include more digits than 1D barcodes ,and fast use in many industries ,the 2D barcodes which can contain over thousands digits ,offer a chance to display more info of this item such as original producer ,date ,company name etc .it is convenient for customers to track the products record .

Till far the barcode scanners can say still use as traditional product,but with the mobile payments pop up ,things changed quickly .such as Zhifubao,Wechat ,Apple pay allow the customer scan or be scanned the payment barcodes to pay .so many self service equipment have to add scan module to read barcodes from mobile phone displays ,or other mobile devices .the traditional self service machine most only accept cash ,but now they have to add the scan function to allow Electronic pay ,because more and more consumers wallet have no cash ,and they prefer to pay by mobile phone .so barcode scanner change to barcode scan module to integrate with self service machines .this is a leading trend now ,all suppliers of self service equipment start to improve their products ,this demand more scan module instead of barcode scanner.

Beside unmanned store start to prevalence in China ,the customer choose the products and check out by themself ,that is also need a scan module inside the check out system to allow customer to pay by mobile phone .this is the advance retail technology and is a trending,so as a professional barcode scanner manufacturer ,we have to make change too , to develop build in scan module and cooperate with those self service equipment suppliers .

There is another trend in POS industries ,traditional pos machine required a general purpose barcode scanner to work with it , now more and more pos suppliers start to add build in scan module to allow wechat pay ,apple pay etc .

The market is changing fast ,we are fully prepared to this change and develop new products to meet the demands ,also changing the sales method ,now we cooperate with more and more self service equipment factories .

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