Laser Barcode Scanner VS CCD Barcode Scanner

- Nov 29, 2018-

A Laser Barcode scanner sends out a thin beam of light at the barcode. This beam of light is reflected off the barcode differently depending upon the color of the surface the beam hits. Recall that white is the result of all colors of light being reflected, and black is the result of all colors being absorbed. Of course, due to several factors, even the black on a barcode will reflect back some light. Still, the laser scanner is able to detect the width of the bars in the barcode by sensing the amount of light being reflected by the surface on which the barcode is printed.

These readers use laser beam as a source of illumination for reading barcodes. They usually have a rotating prism or an oscillating mirror. It moves the laser beam forward and backward across the barcode. A photodiode in this reader measures the intensity of light reflected from the barcode.

Laser Barcode Scanner have high precision and accuracy ,and reading very fast .they are considered to have a good performance for scanning depth of field. They can read a barcode from a greater distance and therefore are favored for non contact is better when read very small or wide barcodes .

 CCD barcode scanner, however, functions in a manner similar to a digital camera. The scanning element in a linear imager barcode scanner  is actually a row of hundreds or thousands of small light sensors, each of which measures ambient light. When a linear imager detects a barcode in its field of view, these sensors take a reading of the light, effectively taking a picture of the barcode.

CCD barcode scanners are beneficial over laser scanners in many ways.  it incorporate use of LED lights for illuminating the barcode. They last for about ten times longer than laser scanners.

Unlike laser scanners, they do not have any moving parts. So, they are less susceptible to damage or failure. They are resistant to regular wear and tear.

When you use a laser beam, it is necessary to follow certain safety precautions with respect to direct viewing. As they do not use any laser beams, they are not associated with any safety specifications.

For these two kinds of 1D barcode scanner ,each got its advantages and disadvanges ,make them suitable for different industires and applications .we have both of Laser Barcode Scanner and CCD barcode scanner ,which with stable and high reading performance .

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