How To Choose The Correct Barcode Scanner

- Aug 17, 2018-

There are hundreds of different brands of barcode scanners on the market, and the price is different. So how do you choose the barcode scanner that suits you? First, you should know the type of barcode you want to scan: how big is the barcode, is it one-dimensional or two-dimensional, what data is included, is it purchased from the supplier or printed by itself, how good is the barcode, and easy to read?

Choose a wired scanner or a wireless scanner? This requires viewing the distance between the barcode scanner and the computer and other data terminals, and the environmental conditions. If the scanner is not connected to the data cable, the staff does not need to walk around to scan, which can reduce fatigue and speed up the task, so it is better to choose a wireless scanner.

For example, in supermarkets, convenience stores and other retail locations, the bar code scanning platform is a good choice. Generally, the bar code scanning platform is small, does not occupy too much space on the counter, and can generate multiple scan lines at the same time, without having to deal with bar codes. Quickly identify goods, which speeds up the cash register and increases customer satisfaction.

In some relatively poor conditions, such as dust, noise, dark working conditions, etc., we need to use a durable bar code scanner, so that users can clearly see and hear the decoding feedback in noisy environments.

Therefore, choose which barcode scanner to consider according to your own working environment, as long as it can meet your scanning needs, it is the barcode scanner that is most suitable for you.