Applicable Industries For Different Scanners

- Aug 17, 2018-

Entering the era of rapid Internet development today, everyone is dealing with goods all the time, whether for personal use or sales. How to effectively manage these products that pass through them every day becomes a real problem? The bar code application solves this problem, but in the face of such a variety of goods, a variety of code systems are derived, including the daily circulation of goods, the wear and tear of bar codes, special goods and special bar codes, etc. How to effectively manage these barcodes, and let the scanners do their best according to their own functions, this is a more difficult problem. Come here today to tell you how to choose the scanner that suits your application. Let's talk a little bit, if not comprehensive, please correct me.

1, according to different classification methods, barcode scanners can be divided into: one-dimensional scanning guns, two-dimensional scanning guns, can also be divided into: laser scanning guns, red light scanning guns, can be divided into: wired scanners, wireless scanning Guns (wireless scanners can be divided into: 2.4G and 433MHz and Bluetooth transmission), can be divided into: handheld barcode readers, fixed barcode readers and so on.

2, according to our application environment, we can go to the right place according to their own actual situation; how to choose the scanning equipment? We will follow the real example.

(1) For example, shopping malls, supermarkets, etc., we can choose laser scanners, because laser scanners are fast, fast decoding, mature technology, comprehensive conditions in all aspects, in the face of peak checkout, not easy to make mistakes; Or the mini supermarket can also choose the Bluetooth barcode scanner, which can be directly connected to the mobile phone, computer, Ipad, and is easy to use;

(2) Another example is warehousing, logistics, we can choose wireless laser or wireless red scanner, there are two sayings: choose wireless laser, the pursuit of speed, accuracy, and choose red light, then pay attention to timely, Effective and error correction rate; the reason for recommending wireless is because the warehousing and logistics environment is generally more complicated, the working area is large, and the wireless mobility is strong, the coverage is wide, and it is less affected by the objective conditions of the warehouse and the warehouse;

(3) There are also transportation industries: stations, terminals, airports, etc. It is recommended to use two-dimensional scanning guns, mainly because these places involve the administrative power of the state, and the content service products are one-dimensional or two-dimensional. Barcode, for compatibility, we recommend two-dimensional scanner; wired transmission is stable and reliable, and the scanning location of these places is relatively fixed and the range is small, so the wired mode is recommended;

(4) There are still special industries: nationally controlled tobacco, medical and other industries, we recommend the use of red light scanning guns, the reasons are as follows: all barcodes in the tobacco industry are more common, the code system is simple, but the tobacco barcodes are basically covered or plastic There is a certain mirror effect, there will be reflection, so we recommend the CCD red light scanner for the image scanning solution; and the medical industry bar code and the industry's electronic supervision code, the code system is more complicated, and the red light is for this code system. Have their own unique scanning method, which is fast and accurate, so it is recommended to scan the red light equipment;

(5) As for the network virtual barcode formed in online payment, it is necessary to apply our CCD red light scanning code gun. The most for the market is: Alipay, WeChat, etc., CCD powerful scan code decoding function, is laser Unparalleled, it is highly recommended that online trading users use CCD scanners.