Wireless scanner use tips

- Aug 17, 2018-

Wireless scanners use tips. When you use the wireless scanner again, there may be a situation where you can't scan the barcode. At this time, most people think that the scanner is faulty, but it is not. The reason why many people can't scan the QR code is not that the scanner device is broken. It may be that the scanner is not used correctly, for example, the scanner scans the bar code incorrectly. In order to let everyone better use the wireless scanner, I will summarize some tips for using it.

1. The distance between the scanning head and the bar code should be adjusted. From far and near, find a suitable distance. Keep this distance every time you scan.

2. When the scanner scans the bar code, the scanning angle cannot be 90°. Otherwise, the bar code information cannot be scanned normally; the scanning window and the bar code should maintain a certain inclination angle, so as to achieve the fastest and most accurate scanning effect.

3. When scanning, be sure to cover the light emitted by the scanner completely on the barcode. That is to say, the barcode should be scanned for complete scanning, so that the barcode information can be completely read by the scanner. .

If your wireless scanner does not scan the bar code, first check if it is not used correctly, and then determine if the scanner has failed.