What is the difference between barcode scanner,scanning platform,scanning module, and scanning module?

- Dec 16, 2019-

What is the difference between barcode scanner,scanning platform,scanning module, and scanning module? 

There are many different forms of barcode scanners. Here we will distinguish them by scanning gun, scanning platform, scanning module, and scanning module. There are different appearances and scanning methods.

1.Different appearance

Ordinary scanning guns are roughly divided into wired handheld and wireless types. Wired handheld barcode scanning guns are directly connected to the computer and other terminals with the scanner's data cable, and the barcode can be scanned by holding the scanning gun in hand.

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Scanning platforms, also called bar code scanning platforms, can be placed on the desktop in parallel. Most of them are often used in supermarket cashiers and other occasions. This is to free up hands and accelerate the speed and efficiency of cashiers.

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Scanning module, which is a core identification component widely used in the field of automatic identification. It has a complete independent barcode scanning and decoding function. It has a small size and a high degree of integration, which can be easily embedded in mobile phones, tablet computers, printers, and pipeline equipment , Medical equipment, and other industries. It is also called a scanning head and a scanning engine. Generally, components such as a circuit board and a data cable and a flexible cable can be used (or integrated into a PDA mobile terminal or integrated into other devices).

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The scanning module is embedded in a carrier and can be made into a semi-finished product or a finished product. The semi-finished product can be embedded in a subway gate or a supermarket self-checkout machine. The finished product can be directly connected to a port for use.

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2. Different scanning methods

    Most of the scanning platforms support multi-line scanning and single-line scanning modes, and the scanning window is larger than the ordinary scanning gun. We only need to bring the barcode close to the scanning window, and you can successfully read the barcode with a simple shake. The operation is relatively simple. . Generally used in supermarket cashiers.

    Ordinary scanning gun, whether it is a wired handheld scanning gun or a wireless scanning gun, you need to hold the barcode scanning gun to scan the barcode. Each time you scan the barcode, you need to manually press the trigger button of the scanning gun. It makes users feel tired, but now due to the continuous upgrade of bar code scanning gun technology and the continuous improvement of the appearance “ergonomic” design, many bar code scanning guns can also support the self-sensing or long-bright scanning mode. The stand is close to the scanning platform when used, the advantage is that it is convenient to use and change the angle to use.

The scanning module needs to be embedded in a carrier or terminal and connected to the host port in order to use it. It cannot be moved and rotated. The scanning position is basically fixed. As long as the barcode is close to the scanning window, it will automatically scan the barcode. It is generally used to integrate into a scanning gun and PDA as a core scanning device.

    The scan module is basically a finished product. It can be used as long as it is connected to the host terminal. It is usually used for integration into gates, access control and self-service terminals. The appearance is relatively exquisite, taking up little volume.