What are the characteristics of different types of scanners

- Jun 29, 2020-

1. Q: What are the commonly used barcode reading equipment? What are their characteristics?

    Answer: It is generally divided into red light and laser. The red light gun has a relatively short reading distance and cannot read barcodes larger than his mouth.

Laser gun, scanning distance is relatively long, can read large bar code, high density bar code, ordinary bar code, scanning speed is faster, now the most on the market is the application of bar code laser gun, the price can answer us by telephone.

2. Q: How many types of barcode scanning guns are there?

      Answer: According to the type of barcode, it is one-dimensional barcode scanner and two-dimensional barcode scanner; one-dimensional scanner cannot scan two-dimensional barcode, two-dimensional barcode scanner can scan one-dimensional barcode; according to the scanning head, One-dimensional scanning guns are divided into laser scanning guns and rainbow light scanning guns, two-dimensional barcode guns are image scanning; all barcode guns support barcode scanning of different code systems;

3. Q: Classification of barcode scanners

      Answer: CCD scanner and laser scanner

4. Q: Characteristics of CCD scanner

     A: The price is low, it is a low-end product, the scanning distance is short, and you can directly read the China Post code. At present, there is a long-range CCD to make up for the short scanning depth of field, but the price is higher, between CCD and laser scanner

5. Q: Characteristics of laser scanner

      A: The scanning speed is fast, the scanning distance is long, the depth of field is low, the bit error rate is low, and there are many types to meet different needs. Divided into gun type, platform type, ceiling type, it belongs to middle and high-end products.

7. Q: The interface mode of the scanner

     Answer: Keyboard interface mode, serial port mode, TTL mode Keyboard interface method: The data obtained by scanning the barcode is directly input to the computer via the keyboard interface. The advantage of this method is that it does not require a driver, has no operating system, and can be used directly on various operating systems without external power supply.

Serial port mode: The data obtained by scanning the bar code is input through the serial port. It needs to be driven or directly read the serial port data, and requires an external power supply.

TTL mode: TTL level is obtained by scanning the barcode, and further decoding and other circuits need to be developed and cannot be used directly.