Scanner can not identify bar code, how to deal with

- Jan 06, 2020-

Scanner can not identify bar code, how to deal with

  As the third generation of computer input equipment after the keyboard and mouse, scanner greatly facilitates people's inventory, classification, transportation and other management of materials in the fields of logistics, supermarkets and medical treatment. Barcode scanner is convenient and rapid, and ensures the accuracy of information. However, as an electronic device, the scanner gun will inevitably break down when used for a long time. For example, the scanner gun cannot recognize the bar code. What should be done at this time? Let me explain to you.

Firstly, the problems of the scanning gun are analyzed: Scan gun does not read code or upload? judgment method: 

A scan gun cannot read a bar code:The scan gun works in the button trigger mode, hold down the trigger switch, and tilt the bar code (refer to the figure below for the correct bar code posture). Without releasing the trigger switch, there is no prompt sound, and the light lasts for more than 3 seconds, which can be basically judged as no code reading.

The scan gun does not upload content to the computer: Open the computer terminal basically, make sure the cursor is in the text input box, hold down the trigger switch to scan the barcode action 1. If a drop of sound is emitted, the light is extinguished, but the receiving carrier (notepad) has no content; 2. Or three beeps, but the computer doesn't show anything;  3. There was neither sound nor display, but the light was out; all three cases can be judged as no uploads.

Scanner can't read bar code solution

1) the bar code is not in normal 69 bar code. The scanning gun does not open the bar code type, so it needs to open the support of the code system (take out the manual of the scanning gun, find the corresponding bar code, and open the support for scanning the bar code type. If there is no corresponding bar code type in the manual, the scanning gun does not support)

2) barcode itself reason: barcode itself reason,

A) the length of the bar code is too long or the density of the bar code is too large (the number of characters is too large), the function limitation of individual scanning gun cannot be recognized.

B) the barcode is too vague or incomplete, or the function limit of low-end scan gun cannot be recognized

When the above two situations occur, you can change other commodity bar code for reading test;

3) the line of the laser gun is not normal. The line is thick, dark and flickering, which needs to be returned to the factory for maintenance;

4) abnormal glow of red light gun, fine line, dark, serious light leakage, etc. need to be returned to the factory for maintenance;

5) two-dimensional gun positioning red light does not flash, scan to restore the factory setting bar code;

6) environmental light influence, too bright or too dark; Or the bar code reflection is serious;

7) factory Settings can be restored for unknown errors. Just scan the bar code to restore factory Settings.

Scan gun will not upload content to the computer solution

1) check the USB receiver of the connection cable. When it is inserted into the computer terminal, check the bottom right corner of the computer to see if there is a flash refresh. If not, change the interface, or change the computer connection, or change a USB or HUB cable;

2) when connecting to the computer, the scan gun rang once, but the computer did not display, took out the manual, scanned the bar code "USB KeyBoard", and set the scan gun to work in USB KeyBoard mode

3) when connecting to the computer, scan for three gunshots without any data display

A. replug the USB receiver

B. Wireless scanning gun unmatched