problems with using a scanning gun

- Apr 16, 2020-

1. When bar code scanning gun is scanned, the buzzer is normal but there is no data transmission

The reason for this problem may be that the scanning Settings of the scanning gun are not correct, which leads to the scanning gun transmitting no data. Another reason may be that the transmission wire has a fault, which leads to the transmission of no data.

Solution: you can refer to the manual and reset the scanning gun to ensure that the corresponding data line is set correctly.

2. The serial port line of the scanning gun has been connected, but there is no data transmission when reading the code

There are two possible reasons for this problem. One is that the serial port mode of the scanning gun is not set, and the other is that the communication protocol is wrong.

Solution: set the scanner to serial port mode according to the instructions and ensure the correct communication protocol.

3. When the scanning gun is scanning, the LED light is not on, and there is no buzzer or laser

Such a situation may be that the power of the scanning gun is not connected, or the interface of the data line is not plugged in, resulting in poor contact.

Solution: firstly, check whether the power supply of the scanning gun is connected. If it is already connected, it is necessary to check whether the interface of the data line is loose. It is better to connect the data line and the scanning gun again to ensure the normal power supply.

4. The scanning gun can be used normally, but there is no buzzer

The reason for this is basically to mute the scan gun.

Solution: just turn on the printer's buzzer.

5. The scan gun starts normally, and the laser appears, but the code is not read

The cause of this problem will have a lot of kinds, the first may be a bar code system has been closed, the first bar code has been damaged, may be a third possibility is bar code printing is quality problems, that is to say, the bar code itself has quality problems, the fourth may be scanning gun hardware or motherboard failure.

Solution: we can first turn on the corresponding barcode system, then check to see if the barcode is damaged, we can also check the printer mode.

6. After the scanning gun is connected, the LED is flashing all the time, and there is no sound, so it cannot be scanned

This situation is basically caused by the scan gun internal problems, generally is a poor IC contact.

Solution: this kind of situation can find dealers repair.