Laser barcode scanner working principle

- Apr 07, 2020-

I. working principle of laser barcode scanning gun

Hand-held laser scanning gun by sending a beam of light, a laser diode to a rotating prism or back and forth on the mirror, the reflection of light through the exposure to the surface of the bar code reading window, the light through the reflex of the bar or empty return to reader, consists of a collection, focusing mirror, through the photoelectric converter is converted into electrical signals, the signal will be sent to you by scan period or terminal decoding software decoding.

Ii. Classification of laser barcode scanning gun

The laser scanning gun can be divided into two forms: hand-held and fixed. Fixed laser scanning gun, also known as laser scanning platform, suitable for reading large, small bar code occasions, effectively free hands work

Iii. Advantages of laser barcode scanner


1) the laser barcode scanner is used for non-contact scanning flexibly and efficiently. In general, the laser scanning gun is the only option when the scanning distance is more than 30cm;

2) the laser scanning bar code has a wide density range, and can scan the irregular bar code surface or read through glass or transparent adhesive paper, because the non-contact reading, so will not damage the bar code label;

3) because of the advanced scanning and decoding system, the first read recognition success rate is high, the recognition speed is faster than the light pen and CCD, and the printing quality is not good or fuzzy bar code recognition effect is good;

4) extremely low bit error rate (only about one part in three million); Laser scanning gun has good shock-proof and fall-proof performance.