IData mobile terminal and bar code together to create logistics information

- Apr 16, 2020-

Logistics informatization is an important part of the core competitiveness of logistics enterprises and social logistics systems, and it is an inevitable requirement of e-commerce. Logistics informatization is mainly manifested in a series of advanced information technology applications, such as the coding of logistics information collection, the electronization of logistics information processing, the standardization and real-time of logistics information transmission, and the digitalization of logistics information storage.

At present, the application of logistics information technology in the market is more comprehensive and in-depth, such as bar code technology, radio frequency technology, mobile terminal technology and so on. IData based on logistics information of mobile terminal applications, can realize mobile logistics information system, so that the logistics professionals breakthrough time and space limitations, improve the quality of work, strengthen communication and staff of each section of the rapid response capacity, effectively solve the problem of logistics information data island, achieve smooth logistics company almost all process links and the complete liberation of the logistics industry productivity.

IData has carefully analyzed the business characteristics of logistics personnel, designed different applications for the specific work content of logistics personnel in different links, and made full use of the advantages of iData mobile terminals to provide front-line logistics personnel with the ability to timely query, data collection and reporting, output and communication.

IData is a new generation of Mobile objects associated terminal by the xx co., LTD., independent research and development of science and technology respectively based on Android and Windows Mobile operating system of industrial-grade portable data terminal, sleek, high-end configuration, lightweight portable, durable, meet IP65 industrial grade and 1.5 m drop testing, the battery life is better than that of similar products, support bar code scanning, RFID, speaking, reading and writing, the infrared communication module, GPS positioning, pictures, voice communication, wi-fi, bluetooth, 3 g wireless communications, and other functions, It is widely used in mobile medical care, retail, clothing, logistics, meter reading, storage, food safety traceability, law enforcement and other industries. It is an essential tool for enterprises' mobile operations, helping enterprises to quickly realize mobile operations at low cost, improve management efficiency, improve productivity, and obtain higher return on investment.