How to set automatic wrapped for barcode scanner?

- Apr 10, 2020-

How to set automatic wrapped for barcode scanner?

       Barcode scanners are currently very popular in various industries. For many users, the operation is not a problem, but how to set the scan gun is even more confusing, especially for the setting of the automatic wrapped of the scanner. 

        In fact, the general scanning gun is equipped with a carriage return in the factory default mode, but in some special cases, even if the customer restores the factory settings, the scanned barcode cannot still be wrapped. This situation is generally due to some special drivers on the PC end that interfere with the data transmission of the scanner. At this time, we can scan the following setting barcode from top to bottom and add a carriage return. Next, let's talk about the operation of the code scanner setting the automatic carriage return (method / step)

1. Scan the first bar code to open the setting code, and scan the bar code below to add the ending suffix.

Second, scan the bar code that allows the suffix of the end character to be added.

3. Set the suffix of the end character and set the suffix to 0x0D.

4. Finally, close the setting code.