How to enhance the sensitivity of barcode scanning gun effectively

- Apr 13, 2020-

Scanning distance of barcode scanner


Because different types of barcode scanners have different depth of field, the scanning distance is different, so the depth of field of the barcode scanner must be clearly defined.


The working distance of the red light barcode scanner is limited to 0-30cm, but the newly produced red light barcode scanner has effectively extended the depth of field to 60cm;


The depth of field of the laser barcode scanner is the longest, between 20-100cm, some special laser guns used to scan large barcodes, the depth of field can reach a few feet. The difference in depth of field can be reflected by the price of the barcode scanner.

When we use the scanner, we touch the barcode scanner to the label surface. Generally speaking, contact or close-range scanning is used in retail, office, and factory applications, while long-distance is typically used in warehouse, distribution, and transportation applications. scanning method.