How to Chose a Barcode Scanner

- Apr 10, 2019-

Now Barcode Scanners getting more and more popular in most industries for a day to day use.There are many kinds of barcode scanners available to integrate with different systems ,so it is necessary to choose and select a best suitable barcode scanner for your company which can help you save your money ,let us take a quick look the several points before purchasing the barcode scanner:

  1. what kind of device you need to integrate through the barcode scanner , USB interface ,RS-232 interface or other kind of interface 

2.Easy to use ,plug and play no need extra settings to operate the barcode scanner

3.The use environment ,such as point of sale ,check out counter ,warehouse inventory etc ,choose the barcode scanner depend on your special need ,say in a point of sale ,the wired barcode scanner is most use ,and wireless barcode scanner most suitable in warehouse inventory ,because you have to operate the device in the whole warehouse.

4.Special requirements of your device and the specific use barcode scanner Such as what kind of barcode you need to read , special rare use barcodes like Plessy ,Telpen is better to double check before you buy it 

5.Check for the tools. It is important that they are provided with tools so that no programming is needed in order to use the scanner. For wireless scanners, there are two types: online scanners (i.e., with Wi-Fi) and offline scanners. The online scanner is best when you want to have the information immediately updated. For instance, if you need to have stock counts continuously and accurately updated, the most appropriate scanner would be an online scanner. The offline scanners need to be programmed specifically to transmit the data once connected to a computer, but are less expensive and therefore an appropriate choice if you do not need data immediately updated.

6.Compatible with different operating systems like microsoft ,Mac,Android ,linux etc , you have to check the barcode scanners are support or not to your systems ,specially wireless barcode scanners,there are more details setting when connect mobile devices 

7.Barcode scanning system needs to work with a Point of Sale system (which in turn works with the accounting system), or it can mean that the barcode scanner should work with the accounting system. Every company may not need a barcode scanner that integrates and works with the accounting system. If this is the case, then there is no need to ensure that the barcode scanner will work with the accounting system used by the company. However, if the purpose for purchasing a barcode scanner is to ensure that the inventory is properly recorded in the accounting system (for purchases, inventory assemblies, raw materials, finished goods, sales, etc. of inventory items), then it is vitally important that the barcode scanning system works and integrates seamlessly with the accounting system.

8.SDK available or not ,in special demands it will need SDK to develop further features to integrate with your devices or systems ,this is very important when use in special projects 

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