How to choose the scanner that suits you

- Jun 29, 2020-

1. Q: How to buy?

(1) According to the code system to be scanned, if you only scan one-dimensional codes, you can use a general laser scanning gun, if you want to scan a two-dimensional code, you need to use a two-dimensional code scanner. Different barcode types have different requirements on the resolution of the scanner.

(2) According to the occasion of use, if it is used in a fixed location, you can choose a wired scanner. If it is a mobile occasion, such as a supermarket inventory, warehouse tally, it is best to use a wireless barcode data collector.

(3) Depending on the type of bar code scanned, if it is for sale, CCD semiconductor light emitting or laser scanner may be used. If it is used in a warehouse, the outer box code is scanned, the bar code size is large, and the working distance is long, then the laser gun is more suitable.

(4) According to the mode of use, if the frequency of use is not high, you can choose a handheld type. If it is a cashier at the counter and it is frequently used, a fixed omnidirectional scanning table should be selected to improve work efficiency.

(5) Select products of different price points according to economic conditions.

2. Q: Do you choose whether the scanner looks at the optical resolution or the maximum resolution?

      Answer: Look at the optical resolution. This determines the clarity of the scanner. The maximum resolution is only interpolation, which is equivalent to magnifying the scanned image several times.

3. Q: Is the higher resolution the better?

      A: It’s not that the higher the resolution, the better, mainly depends on whether it is a CCD lens, as well as the optical density value;

4. Q: Some scanners are cheaper than expensive optical resolution, why?

      Answer: If they are all scanned quickly, the scan results are not suitable for your high-quality printing; the A4 scanner suitable for your flatbed is probably between 3000-6000

5. Question: Is the more expensive the better?

     A: It’s not that the more expensive the product, the better, but the lens used in your expensive product will be better;

6. Q: Regarding the use, only 300dpi is needed for printing, how much dpi is used for scanning? If only 300, what is the use of high dpi?

     A: The CCD lens of the high-end scanner is very professional, and the pixels are naturally high. It is impossible to reduce the physical resolution. Just like the camera principle of your mobile phone, the effect is definitely clear when the resolution is high, otherwise the effect is very poor.