How to choose a good barcode scanner

- Apr 09, 2020-

So what kind of guns are available when selecting a scan gun?

There are many kinds of scanning gun, can not be solved one by one, can only say a few commonly used distinction.

According to the light source is divided into: laser scanning gun and red scanning gun

According to the code system is divided into: one-dimensional scanning gun and two-dimensional scanning gun

According to the transmission mode is divided into: wired scanning gun and wireless scanning gun

According to the scanning method is divided into: handheld with platform

(all bar code guns support bar code scanning of different codes.)

The above understand, that how to buy a good bar code scanning gun?

Reading speed: refers to the number of bar codes read per second. Or the number of samples per second of the device.

First read rate: the ratio of the number of bar code symbols that can be read for the first time to the total number of reads. This value is a statistical number, which is usually obtained in the experiment.

Reading diagram: a graphic representation of the reading area with a bar code symbol of a specific X size (or other parameter). The reading diagram can provide the reader with a more intuitive representation of the performance of the reading device.

Maximum reading distance: the distance from the end of the reading to the upper limit of the depth of field.

Raster distance: the projection of the maximum distance between two adjacent reading lines on a plane. The distance between the plane and the reading end of the reading device is determined.

Minimum reading distance: the distance from the end of reading to the lower limit of depth of field.

Cryptical symbol: the invisible code is a special processing of the bar code symbol will be invisible to the special bar code symbol, the symbol of visible light and the naked eye are not visible. Now mainly used in the card and ticket production and other fields.

Depth of field: the vertical direction of the bar code symbol, or the distance to which the normal reading device can read the bar code symbol.

Exit window of the reading device: refers to the center of the reading beam closest to the reading end of the device.