How to choose a good barcode scanner

- Nov 15, 2019-

Bar code scanning gun to consider the following points:

Scanning medium, if it is to scan the paper bar code, you can choose the laser scanning gun, scanning code speed;If you want to scan the electronic screen, you must choose the red light scanner gun;

Scan bar code type, divided into one-dimensional code & two-dimensional code, according to their own needs to choose the corresponding function of the scanning gun;

Wired & wireless, wired cheap, but with cable bondage, trouble, if the use of the scene need to use distance and range a little bit far, it is recommended to consider wireless, otherwise long if the line is broken, the gun will not be able to use.Some wire gun is still in the use of the ancient serial port & parallel port connection, this general but also installed drive, use up very troublesome, can not consider directly.

Wireless gun is much more convenient to use, no cable, the disadvantage is to charge.However, it is generally supported to connect with USB data cable when there is no power, and use it as a cable gun (charging will be completed at the same time);

Now the keyboard and mouse are wireless, it is recommended to directly consider wireless products.

Quality reliability, do external data acquisition peripherals, scanning gun quality is very important, away from the low price of miscellaneous products.In addition, it is inevitable to bump or fall occasionally during use, so the product should have certain anti-fall ability.

Scanning depth of field, determine the distance can identify the bar code;

The identification accuracy determines how small the bar code can be identified.

To sum up, if it is a one-dimensional code gun, it is recommended to use xb-918rb, wireless, charging for half a year, no power to connect to the USB data line to continue to use (no drive), do not turn off (0.5 seconds automatic shutdown), use also do not need to boot, with the use of scanning (the machine will automatically start instantly), fast speed, high recognition rate;

If the two-dimensional code gun, recommended xb-6208, support various two-dimensional code scanning recognition, support Chinese direct reading, can scan the screen.The above two recommended guns have the ability of 1.5 meters anti-falling, good anti-falling performance, button life up to 10 million times, reliable and durable.