How to adjust the sensitivity of the wireless scanner

- Aug 17, 2018-

Some users of wireless scanners may mention the lack of sensitivity of the scanner, such as the scanning speed of the scanner is not fast enough, the scanner response is slow. To this end, think open a small series to summarize the following methods to adjust the sensitivity of the wireless scanner.

(1) Scanning distance

If you feel that the wireless scanner is not as sensitive as before, compare the current scan distance with the previous scan distance, and the scan distance will affect the sensitivity of the scanner. Then the depth of field of the different types of wireless scanners is different, so the scanning distance will be different, so the depth of field of the scanner must be clearly defined. The laser wireless scanner has the longest depth of field, between 20cm and 100cm. There are some laser wireless scanners dedicated to scanning large barcodes. The depth of field can reach several feet, which can be reflected in the price of the scanner.

(2) Scanner use industry

Scanners scan bar codes into two types: close-range scanning and long-distance scanning. In general, close-range scanning or contact scanning is used in retail, office, and factory applications; typical use in warehouse, distribution, and transportation applications. Long-distance scanning mode, long-distance scanning mode is relatively close to the scanning time in the scanning time.

Therefore, if your wireless scanner is not sensitive enough to other scanners, but still can scan the barcode data, this may be a problem with the scanner settings, or the distance you scan the barcode.