Handheld Barcode Scanner Maintenance

- Mar 23, 2020-

Handheld barcode scanner is the most fragile equipment in guangdong qr code recognition equipment. This is a damaging object like a car that will eventually be damaged. However, continuous maintenance of barcode equipment can extend the service life of barcode equipment. Pre-maintenance: to make the most of it, clean the print head every time you use a roll of ribbon or a roll of thermal paper. Note that when cleaning the bar code equipment head, remove the ring to prevent scratches to the print head and use an earthing metal band or an anti-static pad to prevent electrostatic damage to the print head.

You can use 95% alcohol swabs to turn off bar code equipment, brush a small amount of cotton on the mechanical part of the bar code equipment, or gently blow off dust (for example, rollers, paper/ribbon sensors and print heads). Do not tamper with print head contaminants using any hard metal or abrasive tools such as screwdrivers.

Use an alcohol swab to press it from the head onto the sweeping dock, then rotate the drum and wipe the swab as it gets dirty. Don't use it again.

Causes premature damage to the scanning equipment: scratch label paper/ribbon through the long-term movement of the print head will wear away the protective coating of the ceramic coating, exposing the print head needle (dot) and eventually damage. Avoid scratches:

Clean equipment head frequently and use a high quality smooth back coating heat transfer ribbon to reduce friction. Minimize print head pressure and print temperature. Make sure the ribbon width is wider than the label to prevent the print head from being scratched by the label.

Functional area problems:

After contamination by thermosensitive paper and thermosetting tape, the dirty printing head caused by the back of the tape will become hot. , high pressure, high speed profile setting. The accumulation of pollutants on the head of the equipment creates a heat transfer barrier, which affects the quality of the printed image. The increase in contamination gradually reduces the print quality, making it look dull or damage the print needle. Contaminants make it difficult to clean wet cotton swab

To avoid dirt on the back of the ribbon

A heat transfer ribbon that has been protected by the back layer must be used. This ribbon requires a non-viscous ribbon with electrostatic and lubricating functions.

How to extend the service life of barcode head

1. The correct operation of the barcode device head the correct operation of the user has a great influence on the length of the barcode, such as temperature setting and application.

2. Implementation of general maintenance users shall implement general maintenance according to the usage and ensure correct maintenance measures (including the use of maintenance equipment and methods)

3. Regular professional maintenance adjustment if necessary, professional technicians should be required to make professional maintenance adjustment to the bar code printer on a regular basis, so as to restore the relevant parts of the dongguan bar code scanner to the best working state.

4. For environmental reasons, please do not turn off the power when the machine is not in use and keep the machine at a low temperature. It is best to switch the power for 5~10 minutes separately. Try to keep it in a clean environment.