Do you know about barcode scanner ?

- Jun 10, 2020-

Barcode scanner is a kind of equipment with complex parameter Settings, and these key parameters are also some factors that users must consider when choosing to use barcode scanner gun, such as resolution, scanning speed, scanning width and speed, etc.. Today, we'll take a look at the key parameters of these barcode scanners.

The resolution of the

For bar code scanners, the resolution is to correctly detect the width of the narrowest bar character read. When selecting a device, it is not that the higher the resolution of the device, the better, but according to the barcode density used in the specific application to select a barcode scanner with the corresponding resolution. In use, if the resolution of the selected equipment is too high, the stain and deinking on the barcode symbol will have a more serious impact on the scanning system.

Scanning depth of field

Scanning depth of field refers to the difference between the maximum distance the scanning head is allowed to leave the bar code surface and the nearest point where the scanner can get close to the bar code surface, which is the effective working range of the bar code scanner. Some bar code scanning gun scanning equipment does not give the scanning depth index in the technical index, but gives the scanning distance, that is, the shortest distance that the scanning head is allowed to leave the bar code surface.

Scan width and speed

The scan width indicator refers to the physical length of the barcode information that the scan beam can read over a given scan distance. Scanning speed refers to the scanning frequency of the scanning beam on the scanning track in unit time.