Differences between wired and wireless scanners in handheld bar code scanners

- Mar 23, 2020-

Handheld barcode scanners can be divided into wired and wireless types. Wireless is commonly used in some large warehouses. It is suitable for certain special environments and requires a cable-free environment. Wired applications are widely used, for example in our lives. Common convenience store cashiers can see line code scanners.

Wired and wireless do the same thing. The biggest advantage is that wireless scanners are very flexible. Unlike wired scanners, they are limited by data lines. In some environments, the wired scanner cannot be replaced. It has that advantage, but it also has the disadvantage of being limited by its own battery capacity and being more expensive than similar models.

There is a line code scanner, as the name implies, which is the data transmission through the data line and the computer or POS machine.

Wireless barcode scanners usually transmit data via bluetooth, WIFI, etc., and can transmit data without being limited by the length of the data line. Convenient and flexible to use. Wireless scanners are much more expensive than wired guns.

The wireless barcode adapter is a product that converts a wired scanner into a wireless scanner. Wireless scanners are divided into high - and low-end products. The price depends on the type of barcode being scanned. Barcode types are one-dimensional codes and two-dimensional codes. Secondly, the bar code scanning fineness, such as the need to scan a small bar code, so the scanning gun decoding capacity is very high, relatively speaking, the price will be higher.

The main purpose of the wireless scanner is to transmit the bar code to the computer without the need for a cable. Currently, the phone's software can also scan bar codes. There are also some free phones that scan the bar code and send it to a computer for wireless scanning. Gun effect. However, for a large number of bar code scans, professional scanning equipment is still required.

Barcode scanner application:

1. Wireless scanner: logistics express

It can be used for data collection and recording of dispatcher's waybill, data collection and warehouse, records, waybill information by scanning the quick bar code directly through the 2.4g module to the background server. At the same time, it can achieve query related business information and other functions.

2. Wireless scanner: logistics distribution

Typical tobacco distribution, warehouse inventory, postal distribution, terminal distribution of major commodity manufacturers worth developing, drug distribution, on-site logistics for large factories.

3. Wireless scanner: chain, storage, counter data collection for store entry, pin, save, disk, adjustment, retreat, command and member management data collection and transmission, can also achieve store inventory.

4. Shoe and apparel order meeting

It is used for wireless ordering conferences in the footwear and apparel industries. Based on the WIFI wireless communication technology, the wireless scanning gun can scan the bar code to place the order, and the order data is transmitted to the background ordering system wirelessly. At the same time, query, statistics and analysis functions can be implemented.

5. Card management

It is used to manage various IC CARDS and contactless IC CARDS, such as ID card, membership card. The main extension of the laser bar code scanning platform is to read and write contact/contactless IC CARDS.

6. Billing management

Data collection of inspection units such as movie tickets, train tickets and scenic spots.