Can the red light one-dimensional barcode scanner scan the screen?

- May 22, 2020-

Although various 2d bar codes are rampant at present, one-dimensional bar codes still occupy an irreplaceable position in some usage scenarios. Although most one-dimensional barcode scanners are based on scanning paper, in order to meet the very popular mobile payment, some models of one-dimensional barcode scanners also begin to have the function of scanning electronic screen codes such as mobile phones. Now, introduce our CCD 1D handheld barcode scanner, which is can read screen codes, XB-918RB.


It is a scanning device designed in accordance with ergonomic standards. The overall scanner looks very smooth and can perfectly fit the operator's hand. Even after a long time of use, the hand will not feel tired.The rear part of the handle is equipped with anti-seismic and anti-slip soft rubber design, which can prevent the destructive damage caused by carelessness.

It adopts the decoding chip independently developed by Syble / Xunbao core technology institute, which can scan all the common one-dimensional bar codes in the world, and its reading performance has reached the international advanced level.