Bluetooth scanner common problem

- Aug 17, 2018-

1, the problem description: Bluetooth scanner and device connection can not find Bluetooth

Possible cause: The scanner has not entered the Bluetooth pairing state; or the receiver is damaged; or the computer USB interface has a problem.

Solution: After the scanner is turned on, refer to the manual to scan “Enter Pairing Mode” or long press the button until the scanner light is blinking, turn on the device Bluetooth search, click to pair; replace the receiver; replace the computer USB interface

2, the problem description: scan gun Bluetooth connection does not upload after scanning

Possible causes: Scan to factory reset, or other modes set (such as inventory mode)

Solution: 1. YHD-3100: Refer to the manual, scan and restore the factory settings - then scan the serial port mode 9600 barcode - scan HID mode.

2, YHD-3200: See instructions, scan and restore factory settings - scan HID mode

3, reset to normal mode

3. Description of the problem: After Bluetooth is connected to the computer, after the computer is turned off, it will not be automatically paired with Bluetooth after rebooting. You need to re-plug the receiver and connect it again before reconnecting.

Possible cause: Computer USB interface problem

Solution: Replace the computer USB interface

4, the problem description: Bluetooth scanner connected to the Android system does not display the keyboard input method 

Possible reasons: too many versions of Android, no Bluetooth input method driver installed

Solution: When the input method is needed, the scanner is turned off; when the scanner is needed, the scanner is turned on; or it is changed to Samsung and HTC.

5, problem description: Bluetooth scanner connected to IOS system does not display keyboard input method

Solution: See the instruction code, scan the "IOS keyboard display hidden bar code"

6, the problem description: Bluetooth scanner used after a while is useless, Bluetooth automatically disconnected

Possible cause: Scanner enters standby state and standby time is short