Barcode scanner transmission mode

- Jan 02, 2020-

Barcode scanner transmission mode

  Barcode scanner transmission mode,the scanner can be divided into wired and wireless scanner.

Wired scanner, as the name implies, is a data line with the computer or POS machine for data transmission.

  Wireless scanner, also known as cordless scanner. Generally, data can be transmitted through bluetooth, wifi, etc., which is not limited by the length of the data line and cable. It is convenient to use

  In terms of the selection price, the wireless scanner will be higher than the wired scanner.

The wireless bar code adapter is a product that converts a wired scanner into a wireless scanner.

  Wireless scanning gun is divided into high and low grade products, the price is mainly determined by the type of scanning barcode (one-dimensional or two-dimensional), followed by the precision of barcode scanning, such as the need to scan a very small barcode, so the scanner decoding ability requirements are very high, the price is higher.

Wireless scanning gun its main purpose is to finish the don't need to cable the purpose of scanning bar code transmitted to the computer, then the phone also can scan the barcode, the market has some free mobile phones scan barcode and sent to the computer software, can achieve the wireless scanner and effect of the function. But for commercial scanning, this will seriously affect the work efficiency, if you need to buy professional scanning equipment, please contact us Syble company ( or whatsapp/wechat : 0086-18565007769), dedicated to serve you.