Barcode scanner and ordinary barcode scanner difference

- Apr 07, 2020-

Two-dimensional bar code scanning guns the wireless scanner types have a lot of, when the choose and buy the scanner should we choose scanning platform or ordinary barcode scanning gun, believe there is a lot of people wanted to ask the barcode scanning platform and what is the difference between ordinary barcode scanning gun, today we will do the barcode scanning platform and ordinary barcode scanning gun contrast.

The performance of barcode scanning platform is different from that of ordinary barcode scanning gun:

Bar code scanning platform, which is a bar code scanning platform that can be placed on the desktop in parallel, is the most widely used by supermarket checkout, mainly because the bar code scanning platform can free the cashier's hands, speed up the cashier, and provide the cashier efficiency.

Ordinary barcode scanning gun are generally divided into cable and wireless scanning gun scanning gun, cable scanning gun is and computer terminal equipment connected by cable, and wireless scanning gun is no cable, but wireless scanning gun typically has a base, wireless scanning gun base is played a scanning gun to accept data and matching.

Bar code scanning platform and common bar code scanning gun scanning method is different:

Bar code scanning platform is generally able to support multi-line scanning and single-line scanning two modes, and bar code scanning platform scanning window is a little larger than the ordinary scanning gun, we just need to put the bar code close to the scanning window, gently shake can successfully read the bar code, operation is more simple.

However, ordinary scanning gun, whether it is wired handheld scanning gun or wireless scanning gun, needs to hold the bar code scanning gun to scan the bar code, and press the trigger button of the scanning gun to complete the scanning every time the bar code is scanned. The scanning is relatively complex.