Bar code scanner test method

- Aug 17, 2018-

When you buy the applicable barcode scanner, you will try to use the device, but how to correctly test the barcode scanner, but few people will pay attention to it. Let me tell you about how to test it correctly today.

When we get the scanner, we will connect it in the correct way. After the connection is completed, the button will be turned on. When the power is turned on, the indicator light will be on and a crisp beep will sound, indicating that the scanner connection is successful. If there is a problem with the connection, go to Look for the reasons, the specific reasons and solutions. We wrote in the previous article, you can go and see it yourself. If you don't understand, you can consult our official website or call our customer service hotline.

When testing, the problem came: Many customers usually see the setting barcode on the manual when they are testing, and they will scan it. This is wrong! Because you don't know, the setup codes in this manual are some command barcodes for setting the scanner. These barcodes can only be used to change the settings of the scanner, but they cannot display the upload. If you test this, you will find the scan. There are various conditions in the gun, that is, it can't be used normally, so the system will have problems, so remind the users that you can't use the setup code on the manual to test the scanner. If you want to set some functions of the scanner, After carefully reading the instructions for using the scanner, follow the instructions.

Correct test: On a connected computer or mobile phone, open an input text file (TXT, WORD, EXCEL, etc. or SMS, QQ, WeChat dialog, etc.), and point the cursor into the document or dialog box to ensure the scanner. In the case of normal communication, open the scanner and scan with some barcodes such as goods (food boxes, beverage bottles) or courier. The scanner light flashes, the buzzer beeps, and the document or dialog box appears. Corresponding bar code information indicates that the bar code scanner is normally transmitted, and the scanner can be used normally.