Advantages Of 2D Barcode Scanners

- Aug 12, 2020-

Advantages Of 2D Barcode Scanners

Greater Efficiency

Due to the use of sophisticated software and other hardware developments in recent years, the 2D barcode scanners are way better in reading barcodes along with very minimal error rates. The speed of scanning is also very high compared to 1D barcodes. Also, by using technology, human error can be reduced to the bare minimum.

Greater accessibility

Unlike a few years ago, smartphones along with 2D barcode scanners are as widely available these days as 1D scanners. The price of both types is also in the same range these days due to technological advancement. When this is the situation, it becomes illogical to go forward with a technology that will be incumbent in the near future.

Greater Mobility

2D barcode scanners are increasingly becoming wireless machines to facilitate easy mobility between various workstations or places. They can easily be operated through WiFi, Bluetooth or smartphones. This, along with the absence of a need for a database makes it very handy for people who need to move constantly inside a big warehouse, industry, etc.

Greater Versatility

Like everything in the modern world, 2D barcodes don’t have just one job. Along with scanning barcodes, they can also store images, website links, app data, etc. They can do all these tasks simultaneously too.

Many barcodes can be scanned at the same time and from different angles too as almost all 2D scanners are omnidirectional in nature. Also, the size of the code can be varied to fit on a certain surface, unlike 1D barcodes.

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