433mHz applies in wireless barcode scanner

- Dec 12, 2018-

433Mhz solution is one kind of RF ,which used in different industries widely.It support point-to-point, point-to-multipoint wireless data communication methods. It has the characteristics of transceiver, safety isolation, installation isolation, simple use, high cost performance, stability and reliability, as long as the transmission power is large enough. There is no problem when transferring distance.

The significant advantage of 433MHz is that the wireless signal is highly penetrating and can travel farther. However, its shortcoming is also obvious, that is, its data transmission rate is only 9600bps, so the 433Mhz technology is generally only suitable for applications with less data transmission.

433MHz, FSK modulation mode, stable and reliable. Small size, excellent performance, few external components, ultra-low power, easy to use and easy to design and produce. The product is designed with low transmit power and high receiving sensitivity to meet wireless control requirements without the need to apply for a frequency license.


1. Transmission stability, high reliability and excellent performance: Based on FSK modulation method, efficient forward error correction channel coding technology is adopted, which improves the data anti-burst interference and random interference ability. In the case of line-of-sight, the antenna position is >3 meters. , reliable transmission distance of about 800m (BER = 10-6/1200Bit / S);


2. Low power consumption: normal standby: 14mA, emission: 50mA, sleep consumption 10μA, battery-powered mode, no need to change batteries frequently;


3. Small size, light weight, easy to install and use: wireless modules can be embedded in each device according to the situation;


4. Low cost: the cost of using this wireless module is very low;


5. Micro-power transmission, with receiving and transmitting status indication: the transmitting power is 10mW, and the transmitting and receiving status is displayed by LED, which is convenient for observing the working condition of the module;


6. The frequency is in the ISM band, no need to apply for frequency, the carrier frequency is 433MHz (special order can also provide 315/915MHz carrier frequency);


7. Transparent data transmission interface: the customer does not need to do any development work for the wireless data transmission module;


8. Built-in watchdog, real-time monitoring, to eliminate the phenomenon of wireless module crash;


9. Multi-channel: standard configuration provides 4 channels (special order, can have 8 or 16 channels), to meet the user's multiple communication combinations;


10. Three interface modes: standard RS-232/TTL/RS-485 interface (three choices one);


11. Intelligent data control: the module can automatically complete the transmission, transmission, control, etc., without the customer to do specific control;


12. High reliability, small size and light weight.

As traditional 1d barcodes contain limited data ,so it allowed the widely use of 433Mhz wireless solution,and the transmit distance is better than other ones.the long distance make 433Mhz wireless barcode scanner specially suitable for warehouse management or a large working area.

We have developed several models 433Mhz Wireless barcode scanner which open yard transmit range up to 300-400m ,and one model with inductive charging cradle ,it is one of our best selling barcode scanner.contact us if you want to learn more about this solution and our products.