2D barcode reading equipment

- Mar 10, 2020-

2D barcode reading equipment

Reading devices for 2D barcodes can be divided into different reading principles

(1) Linear CCD and Linear Imager can read 1D barcodes and linear stacked 2D barcodes (such as PDF417). When reading 2D codes, you need to scan the entire barcode along the vertical direction of the barcode. We Called "swipe reading." These products are cheaper.

(2) Laser reader with grating:

Read 1D barcodes and linear stacks. When reading the 2D barcode technology, the light is directed at the barcode, and the raster element completes the vertical scanning without manual scanning.

(3) Image Reader Adopts the area array CCD camera to capture and analyze the barcode image. It can read one-dimensional barcode and all types of two-dimensional barcode.

In addition, the reading of 2D bar code equipment can be divided into: handheld, fixed and lithographic scanning according to different working methods.

The recognition and generation of two-dimensional barcode equipment will have some restrictions on the recognition of two-dimensional barcode generation, but they can recognize one-dimensional barcodes.