2D barcode and 2D barcode scanner

- Dec 17, 2018-

2D barcode and 2D barcode scanner

2D barcodes means 2 dimensions barcodes ,it include  rectangles, dots, hexagons, and other geometric patterns.The first 2D barcode was developed by David Allais at Intermed Corporation in 1987. 2D barcodes hold a great deal of information and data definition of 2d barcode because they store information horizontally and vertically; in fact, 2D barcodes can store up to 7,089 characters, which is a much greater storage capacity than the 20-character capacity of standard barcodes. 2D barcodes are used in manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, and healthcare, and they are popular because they are legible when printed in small sizes and when etched onto a product.

The most and widely use 2D barcodes are QR,DM and PDF417,here is the details of these 3 kinds of 2D barcodes:

Data Matrix Codes – Data matrix codes are 2D symbols laid out in square or rectangular grids. Data is encoded horizontally and vertically in a series of dark and light blocks. Data matrix codes cannot be read with laser scanners; rather, they are read with imagers, CCDs, and other camera-based products that read data contained in an area versus a line.

QR Codes – Quick response codes, or QR codes, began in Japan as a method for tracking automobile parts. QR codes can encode URLs and be scanned by smartphones with a QR code scanning app. QR codes may include geo coordinates, text, and other data.

PDF417 Codes – A PDF417 code is a 2d barcode that incorporates high-density symbology that encodes text, numbers, files, and data bytes. PDF417 codes securely and inexpensively store large amounts of text and data. The codes include several linear rows of stacked codewords. That’s why the PDF417 symbology is referred to as stacked linear symbology.

Because of 2D barcodes can save more info than 1D barcodes ,so it widely use in health care ,government documents etc 

2D barcode scanner means a device can read 2D barcodes mentioned above and 1D barcodes also .which include wired and wireless 2D barcode scanner ,presentation 2D barcode scanner etc 

The price of 2D barcode scanners are now comparable to 1D barcode scanners as well as affordable barcode scanning solutions that include 2D barcode scanners.

The reduction in cost means that 2D barcode scanners and the inventory and asset management systems that use them can pay for themselves even quicker. Investing in an effective 2D barcode system saves time and reduces inventory and asset loses and in many cases quickly pays for itself.

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