2.4G Wireless Barcode Scanner Brief

- Dec 10, 2018-

The most popular use wireless solution in Barcode Scanner are 2.4G ,Bluetooth and 433mHz.here we have a simple introduction of 2.4G wireless solution and 2.4G Wireless Barcode Scanner.

The details of 2.4G wireless solution as below :

1. Modulation method: DSSS, 0-QPSH

2. Frequency: 2.400~2.4835GHz ISM band

3. Transmitting power: 20dBm (100mW)

4, receiving sensitivity: -100dBm

5, communication rate: 10Kbps-250Kbps 16 channels, bandwidth 80MHz

Loss calculation formula for wireless signals transmitted in air

Los=32.44+201g d(Km)+201g f(Mhz)

Los is the transmission loss. The unit is Db, d is the distance, the unit is Km, and f is the working frequency.The unit is Mhz.The 2.4G device has a short signal transmission distance, a large attenuation during transmission, weak signal penetration,  weak diffractive capability, and a signal that is easily blocked by an object.

But the stability of the pair is very high ,when pair the scanner with a data dongle ,it will not affected by other scanners and dongles during plenty of devices operating in same area .

The transmit speed is faster than other kind of wireless solutions like 433mHz and Bluetooth.

Here is the details of our 2.4G wireless Barcode Scanner

1,RF adopts CC2500MTR 2.4G two-way wireless module

2,One-to-one wireless communication, can support up to 30 barcode scanners to be used simultaneously within 100 meters without mutual interference

Each wireless barcode scanner has a unique ID, and the ID overlap probability is 1/65536.

3,The wireless barcode scanner automatically establishes a communication connection with the wireless receiving end. If the communication connection is successful, the entered data is automatically sent to the wireless receiving end. After receiving the data, the wireless receiving end performs verification, and when the verification is correct, the data is uploaded. And the wireless scanner is responded, and after receiving the response, the wireless scanner sends the next packet in turn.

4,When the wireless barcode scanner reads the barcode, the buzzer will beep once and the indicator will turn from green to red, which means that the data is successfully upload, and the data is sent successfully within 1 second.

Thare are 3 types 2.4G wireless barcode scanner available from our company (Syble),which is XB-5055R ,XB-5066R and XB-5066RT. We use 2200mAh lithium battery for XB-5066R and XB-5066RT ,it support over 24hours continuous operating after full charge ,the performance is very stable and achieved a big success in the domestic and oversea market .

Please contact us for more details of these wireless Barcode scanner.