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Bluetooth Qr code Scanner is our hot selling item. Which can transfer scanned data directly to various processing devices via Bluetooth wireless channels, such as Android, iPhone and iPad tablets. With the help of traditional scanner devices, Bluetooth scanners are more convenient and practical to use. And the transmission distance of this Bluetooth Bracode Scanner can up to 30-50m.

Product Details


The Bluetooth Barcode Scanner scans all major 1D barcodes and standard 2D barcodes (PDF 417, QR Code and Data Matrix versions). Also supports scanning GS1-DataBar (RSS) barcodes, etc.

2D Wireless Bluetooth barcode scanner with 2D image technology. It has strong bar code scanning and digital image capture function. It can also read the bar code on the screen of mobile phone, and adopts advanced long-distance wireless connection technology to support the open space.

Feature :

Core Technology

Using the fifth-generation core decoding technology independently developed, it can quickly scan barcodes of various qualities.

4.0 Bluetooth transmission

The latest Bluetooth 4.0 receiver chip, the transmission is faster and faster.

Green low power consumption

The use of independent core technology greatly reduces operating power consumption and extends equipment life.

Spec :

Scan Type

Image CMOS



Scan Method

Manually/Automatica/Successive Scanning

Scan angle

Yaw ±55°, Rotation 30°, Pitch ±55°





Depth of scan field

EAN13 50-200MM(13MIL);QR 25-240MM(20MIL);PDF147 30-130MM(6.67MIL)

Error Rate

Less than 1/5 million



Wireless Communication

Pairing dedicated receiver: 2.4G communication. Pairing Mobile Bluetooth Devices: Bluetooth BLE 4.0

Wireless transmission distance

30-50 m

Storage Mode

Offline Storage Mode: When the scanner exits the connection range, the data is automatically stored.Storage capacity is 512000 characters.

Inventory storage mode: Scanner can enter inventory mode, storage capacity is 512000 characters.

Pairing Mode

One to One: One Scanning Gun Pairs One Receiver;One scanner paired with a Bluetooth mobile device

Receiving End

Dedicated Bluetooth U Disk Receiver

Physical Parameters







Cable Length


Environmental Parameters

Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature


Ambient lighting


Relative Humidity


Drop/Shock Resistance:

Withstands multiple times 3meters drops to concrete

Electrical Parameters



Operating Current

when not scanning code ≥26mA;when scanning code ≥280mA

Standby Current

0mA(Standby is to cut off battery power)

Battery Working Time


Why chose this model :

The 2D wireless scanner features advanced imaging technology, extremely powerful bar code scanning and digital image capture. Combine innovative structural systems with custom sensors. Achieve extended depth of field and fast reading, and enhance the reading performance of low-quality barcodes. From high-density 1D barcodes to 2D barcodes on mobile devices' screens, Bluetooth qr code scanner are easy to read. Its industry-leading performance and reliability make this industry's darling widely available in a variety of applications where multiple image scanning technologies and Bluetooth wireless connectivity are required.

And this wireless qr code scanner able to withstand multiple drops from a height of 1.5 meters (5 feet) to the concrete floor at room temperature

And with almost all common 1D code / 2D code and screen bar code, the scanning is sensitive and quick. Excellent scanning capability for damaged dirt and poor print quality barcodes

How to use this model ??

  1. Unplug the receiver and scan the instruction manual with the scanning gun to restore the factory Settings on user manual

  2. Scan the bar code of wireless mode on user manual

  3. Scan the barcode of bluetooth mode on user manual

  4. After scanning the setting code on manual, the indicator light of the gun is on: the red indicator is always on。

  5. Scan the instructions for bluetooth pairing steps to pair bar codes on the manual

  6. After scanning the pairing code, the indicator light of the gun: the red indicator is always on, while the blue indicator is flashing.

  7. Plug the receiver into the computer, the red indicator light of the receiver will always be on, and the blue indicator light will flash. About 2 seconds later, the red and blue indicator light of the gun and the receiver will become on, indicating the pairing is successful.。

  8. Scan the commodity bar code and upload the data to the computer。

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