Android 2D Barcode Scanner

The 2.4G & Bluetooth wireless Android 2D Barcode Scanner combines superior 1D and 2D barcode scanning capabilities with long range transmission distance.
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Product Details


The Android 2D Barcode Scanner combines superior 1D and 2D barcode scanning capabilities with the freedom of wireless technology, allowing users to support high levels of comfort during long hours of work without the need for movement restrictions. The HID mode is mainly used in Apple, tablet, notebook, etc., and can be paired without any APP software. Its compact structure, high performance and very practical.


Model Number


Light Sources

617nm LED Aimer,White LED

Scan Type

Image CMOS



Scan Method

Manually/Automatica/Successive Scanning

Scan angle

Yaw ±55°, Rotation 30°, Pitch ±55°





Depth of scan field

EAN13 50-200MM(13MIL);QR   25-240MM(20MIL);PDF147 30-130MM(6.67MIL)

Error Rate

Less than 1/5 million



Wireless Communication

Pairing dedicated receiver: 2.4G   communication. Pairing Mobile Bluetooth Devices: Bluetooth BLE 4.0

Wireless transmission distance

30-50 meters (open distance)


The Android 2D Barcode Scanner has the performance of a 1D laser scanner and also has excellent 2D scanning performance. This compact and lightweight device can even be easily integrated into all bar code readings with laser scanning speed.

In addition, it has the ability to capture poor quality and broken barcodes, very precise. Bar code labels are easily scratched or soiled in many ways. Superior patented decoding software allows broken barcodes to be scanned quickly, reducing time and cost.

Omnidirectional scanning of 1D and 2D barcodes without the need to accurately align the barcode with the imager. The unique aiming mode has a bright center point that ensures fast and accurate scanning even in bright sunlight. This makes the scanning function highly intuitive and improves employee productivity.