PDF 417 Barcode Scanner

PDF 417 Barcode Scanner identifies the code system and scanning direction of the bar code symbol by identifying the start and end characters, it could read pdf417, qr code, datamatrix etc.
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The pulsed digital signal of the shaping circuit is translated into digital and character information by the decoder. PDF 417 Barcode Scanner identifies the code system and scanning direction of the bar code symbol by identifying the start and end characters. It determines the number of bars and spaces by measuring the number of pulsed digital electrical signals 0, 1. The length of the bars and spaces is determined by measuring the duration of the 0 and 1 signals. This gives the bar coded bar code. And the number of spaces and the corresponding width and code used. According to the coding rule corresponding to the code system, the bar symbol can be replaced with the corresponding number and character information. Through the interface circuit to the computer system for data processing and management, the entire process of barcode reading is completed.


Model Number


Light Sources

630nm red LED Aimer;RED LIGHT

Supported Symbologies

1D:UPC, EAN, Code128, AIM-128, ISSN, ISBN, Code39, Code39 Full ASCII, Code32, Code11, Code93, Matrix 2 of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5, Industrial 2 of 5, Codebar, MSI-Plessey, PLessey ITF-14, ITF-6, GS1-Databar(RSS).

2D:PDF417, Data Matrix ,QR Code, Hanxin.

Scan Mode

Manually,Automatic inductive,Continuous


3 mil (Code 39), 7.5 mil (Data Matrix), 4 mil (PDF 417)

Field of View

Horizontal: 46.1°; Vertical: 30.4°

Optical System



LED, Speaker




PDF 417 Barcode Scanner uses high-speed shutters and 360° omnidirectional barcode reading. It can be read 360° in all directions, and you don't have to care about the direction of the barcode to achieve fast operation. By increasing the speed of the shutter, stable operation is achieved without being affected by arm shake.

It uses a wide-angle design to improve wide-bar code reading performance, increase the number of horizontal pixels, and read algorithm performance. This improves the reading efficiency of wide bar codes such as public toll tickets and medical materials.

The newly developed reading engine achieves a one-dimensional 0.125mm, two-dimensional 0.167mm high resolution, and can be widely used in factories, hospitals, shops and other occasions.

It adopts multi-line barcode reading design, can read 2 lines of barcodes of books at a time, and can read up to 3 lines of barcodes at a time. By reducing the number of reads, the work time is greatly reduced.


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