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XB-6221 is a New Design 2D Handheld Barcode Scanner ,New Appearance Design.Plug and Play ,Simple Setup and Fast Use.
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2D barcode scanner

1d 2d barcode scanner

Qr code Reader

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Xunbao Electronics technology CO.,Ltd. which located in Guangzhou. It is a high-tech enterprise that specializes in R&D manufacturing, supplying and service of automatic identification products. We have a professional technical team engaged in hardware design, software development and system integration, as well as a management group with innovative spirits and abundant work experience.


Handheld barcode scanner


The resolution of the barcode scanner is equal to the resolution of its optical components plus the resolution obtained from its own [1] processing and analysis through hardware and software. Optical resolution is the actual number of light spots that the optical components of the barcode scanner can capture per square inch. It refers to the physical resolution of the CCD (or other photoelectric device) of the barcode scanner and the true resolution of the barcode scanner. The value is the value obtained by dividing the pixels that can be captured by the photoelectric element by the maximum scannable size of the barcode scanner. Optical scanning and output are one-to-one, and what is scanned is what is output. After processing by computer hardware and software, the output image will become more realistic and the resolution will be higher. Most bar code scanners currently on the market have software and hardware expansion functions for resolution. Some barcode scanners advertise 9600×9600DPI, which is only the maximum resolution obtained by software interpolation, not the true optical resolution of the barcode scanner.

So for barcode scanners, the resolution is optical resolution (or optical resolution) and maximum resolution. Of course, what we care about is optical resolution, which is hard work. We say that the resolution of a certain barcode scanner is as high as 4800DPI (this 4800DPI is the sum of optical resolution and software difference processing), which means that when the image is input with the barcode scanner, it can be collected on the scanning area of 1 square inch 4800×4800 pixels (Pixel). With a scanning area of 1 inch square, the size of the image generated after scanning with a resolution of 4800DPI is 4800Pixel×4800Pixel.

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