Cordless Laser Barcode Scanner

The Cordless Laser Barcode Scanner comes with a database and a charging dock. It's easy to use, plug and play, no need to install a driver.

Product Details


The Cordless Laser Barcode Scanner comes with a database and a charging dock. It's easy to use, plug and play, no need to install a drive. The advantage of the 1D wireless barcode scanner is that it allows the user to freely move the scanner into inventory without a zone. Limiting, rather than just dragging everything onto the scanner, saves a lot of time and money.


The Cordless Laser Barcode Scanner has a built-in memory chip that allows users to store large amounts of data without having to be close to the cradle, and the instant data upload mode is also offline. Even if it is out of range, the scanner can still automatically work to store the data you capture, which provides a large enough work area.

The main body is made of new materials from ABS and PC, and the strength is enough to withstand a drop distance of more than 2 meters. The scanner is CE, FCC, Rohs and other certificates.

It has an extremely long life and durable buttons that can withstand more than 5 million operations. Its 2200mAh lithium battery can work continuously for more than 24 hours.


Model Number


Light Sources

650nm laser(Safe visible laser diode)

Supported Symbologies

EAN-8,EAN-13,UPC-A,UPC-E,CODE39,CODE93, CODE128, EAN128, Codebar, Industrial 2 of 5 . Matrix 2 of 5,MSI,China Post Code and all 1D barcodes ects

Scan Speed

≥300 times/s

Scan Method

Manually/Successive/Automatical Scanning(Optional)

Scan Angle

Yaw 55°,Rotation 30°,Pitch 65°



Depth of scan field


Error Rate

Less than 1/5 million



Operating Frequency


Transmission Distance

50-80M(Open Yard)

Storage Ability

512000 Bytes

Relative Humidity





85mA(Operating); 150uA(Quiescent Current)


Cordless Laser Barcode Scanner XB-5066RT.jpg

Product Features

- New decoding chip to interpret various 1D codes

- Contact charging base, plug and play, simple setup, quick use

- Empty transmission distance of 50-80 meters

- Automatic storage beyond distance

- Data upload vibration prompt

- Can store 512,000 bytes

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