1D Laser Barcode Scanner 2.4G Memory

XB-5055R is a wireless handheld barcode scanner,which is a new brand general purpose barcode scanner ,is designed special for retail ,logistic ,warehouse and point of sale check out management ,the light weight and ergonomic design of this Wireless Handheld Barcode Scanner ,make it specially easy and comfortable to end customers and users .

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XB-5055R is a wireless handheld barcode scanner,which is a new brand general purpose barcode scanner ,is designed special for retail ,logistic ,warehouse and point of sale check out management ,the light weight and ergonomic design of this Wireless Handheld Barcode Scanner ,make it specially easy and comfortable to end customers and users .



Model Number

Performance Parameters
Light Sources 650nm laser(Safe visible laser diode)
Supported Symbologies

EAN-8,EAN-13,UPC-A,UPC-E,CODE39,CODE93,CODE128, EAN128, Codebar, Industrial 2 of 5,Interleave 2 of 5,Matrix 2 of 5,MSI,China Post Code and all 1D barcodes ects

Scan Type Single Laser
Scan Method Manually/Contnuous/Automatic inductive scanning(Optional)
Scan Angle Yaw 55°,Rotation 30°,Pitch 65°
Precision 4mil(0.1mm)
Depth of scan field 10-250mm(0.33mm,PCS90%)
Error Rate Less than 1/5 million
Interface USB-HID
Operating Frequency 2.4G
Transmission Distance 50-80M(Open Yard)
Storage Ability 512000 Bytes
Pairing Model One to one
Physical Parameters
Dimensions 83mm*70mm*172mm
Weight 180g
Material ABS+PC
Cable Length 1M
Environmental Parameters
Operating Temperature -20℃~40℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~70℃
Relative Humidity 0%~85%(Non-condensing)
Electrical Parameters
Voltage DC5V±10%
Current 85mA(Operating); 150uA(Quiescent Current)
Lithium battery 550mA


Use high-resolution laser scanning engine to interpret various 1D codes

USB wireless receiver, plug and play, simple setup, fast use

Empty transmission distance of 50-80 meters

Automatic storage beyond distance

Can be used continuously for more than 12 hours

Application Area

Mainly used in business, retail, monopoly, logistics, warehousing and other fields.

Company Profile

Xunbao Electronics technology CO.,Ltd. which located in Guangzhou. It is a high-tech enterprise that specializes in R&D manufacturing, supplying and service of automatic identification products. We have a professional technical team engaged in hardware design, software development and system integration, as well as a management group with innovative spirits and abundant work experience.

Xunbao technology was founded by a group of China's first barcode scanning equipment engineers in 2006 with registered capital of USD 850,000. After several years development, we have grown into a professional supplier of barcode scanners with more than 96 staff. Its headquarter office is as large as 600 square meter and the workshop occupies nearly 1000 square meter. Up to now, Xunbbao annual production capability reached 200,000pcs.

Our company is qualified by the GB/T (ISO9001:2008) with all of its products certified by CE and RoHS ,FCC. Also had a full of more than ten years management and sales experience, also has a young and passionate research and development sales team, Over the years we adhere to the "quality first, credit first, customer first, integrity-based" operating principles of market development.

In the coming years, Syble Tech would establish it as a world-class professional barcode scanning equipment manufacturer.


Q1.Is the price reasonable?

Syble is the original factory, and we are offering the factory prices.

Q2.What's the payment term?

T/T, L/C, west Union etc.

Q3.What's the shipping way?

By sea, by air, by express (DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT), according to customer’s need.

How to choose a commercial barcode scanner?

Commercial bar code scanners are commonly used: CCD scanner, laser handheld scanner and full-angle laser scanner.

1. The CCD scanner uses the principle of photoelectric coupling (CCD) to image the bar code printing pattern and then decode it. Its advantages are: no shaft, motor, long service life; cheap price.

When choosing a CCD scanner, the most important are two parameters:

Depth of field: Since the imaging principle of CCD is similar to that of a camera, if you want to increase the depth of field, you need to enlarge the lens accordingly, so that the CCD is too large and inconvenient to operate. An excellent CCD should be able to be read without sticking to the barcode, and it has a moderate size and comfortable operation.

Resolution: If you want to increase the CCD resolution, you must increase the unit element of the photosensitive element at the imaging location. Low-cost CCD is generally 5 pixels (pixel), reading EAN, UPC and other commercial codes is enough, it will be more difficult to read other code systems. The mid-range CCD is mostly 1024pixel, and some even reach 2048pixe1, which can distinguish the barcode with the narrowest unit element of 0.1mm.

2.The laser handheld scanner is a single-line scanner that uses a laser diode as a light source. It mainly has two types of rotating mirror and vibrating mirror.

Rotary mirror type is to use a high-speed motor to drive a prism group to rotate, so that the single-point laser light emitted by the diode becomes a line.

The manufacturing cost of the tremor mirror is lower than that of the rotating mirror, but the laser gun of this principle is not easy to increase the scanning speed, which is generally 33 times per second.

When choosing a laser scanner, the most important thing for commercial enterprises is to pay attention to the scanning speed and resolution, and the depth of field is not the key factor. Because when the depth of field increases, the resolution will be greatly reduced. An excellent handheld laser scanner should have a high scanning speed and a high resolution within a fixed depth of field.

3. The full-angle scanner is a bar code scanner that refracts the laser light emitted by the laser diode or multiple scan lines through the optical system. The main purpose is to reduce the labor of aligning the bar code when the payee enters the bar code data. Scan line pattern distribution:

1. There are multiple parallel lines in one direction

2. There are multiple scan lines passing at a certain point

3. Interpretation probability of points within a certain spatial range tends to be consistent

Full-angle scanners that meet the above three points must be the preferred barcode scanner application for merchants.

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