1D Laser Barcode Scanner Quick Speed

XB-S20 1D Laser barcode scanner,single laser barcode scanner.New decoding chip for interpreting various 1D codes,quick scan speed no less than 150 times per second .Scan 1D wrinkle and scratch bar code .Easy to use the cable ,big sound with scanning the bar code.
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XB-S20 1D Laser barcode scanner,single laser barcode scanner.New decoding chip for interpreting various 1D codes,quick speed scanning no less than 150 times per second .Scan 1D wrinkle and scratch bar code .

1D Barcode Scanner


1D barcode scanner


New decoding chip for interpreting various 1D codes

Plug and play, easy to set up, and can be used quickly with other office equipment

Error rate as low as 1/5 million times, accurate and accurate

Can withstand 3 meters of free fall many times

Company Information

Xunbao Electronics technology CO.,Ltd. which located in Guangzhou. It is a high-tech enterprise that specializes in R&D manufacturing, supplying and service of automatic identification products. We have a professional technical team engaged in hardware design, software development and system integration, as well as a management group with innovative spirits and abundant work experience.

Xunbao technology was founded by a group of China's first barcode scanning equipment engineers in 2006 with registered capital of USD 850,000. After several years development, we have grown into a professional supplier of barcode scanners with more than 96 staff. Its headquarter office is as large as 600 square meter and the workshop occupies nearly 1000 square meter. Up to now, Xunbbao annual production capability reached 200,000pcs.

Our company is qualified by the GB/T (ISO9001:2008) with all of its products certified by CE and RoHS ,FCC. Also had a full of more than ten years management and sales experience, also has a young and passionate research and development sales team, Over the years we adhere to the "quality first, credit first, customer first, integrity-based" operating principles of market development.

In the coming years, Syble Tech would establish it as a world-class professional barcode scanning equipment manufacturer.


OEM Service

1.The best flexibility in order to meet customer’s various demands.

2.Accountability and efficiency in meeting customer’s needs.

3.The faster delivered times and whole sales tracking.

4.Quality guaranteed products and quickly and accurate services before and after sales

5.Professional Barcode Scanner Factory with experienced professional teams

6.full collections products which include Laser ,Linear Barcode Scanner ,2D wired and wireless Barcode Scanner and Omni Barcode Scanner it is your best one stop purchase Barcode Scanner Supplier.

7.A very satisfied sales serive and after-services.

Packaging Detail

Packaging :

SYBLE Barcode Scanner Standard Package
1 x Hand-held barcode scanner

1 x USB Connection cable
1 x English Manual
1 x Warranty card


GUANGZHOU ( by sea, air, or express, FEDEX, UPS, DHL, ARAMEX...)

Lead Time : 7~15 working days according order quantity.




Q1: what is the working frequency of this Wireless Barcode Scanner?

Its working frequency is 2.Ghz

Q2: Dose this Wireless Laser Barcode Scanner has off-line function ?

Yes , this Wireless Laser Scanner with off-line function

Q3:How long the battery can work ?

After full charge ,the Barcode Scanner can continuous working over 6hours

Q4: Do your company is a trading company ?

We are professional manufacturer of Barcode Scanner ,have factory not a trading company

Q5: what is your quality policy after sale ?

The warranty on Wireless Barcode Scanner is 2 years ,and cable is 6months

Barcode Scanner Purchase Tips for Different Industries

cheap 2d barcode  reader

1. The Selection in the manufacturing

The industrial environment has its own unique characteristics. The requirements for the resolution and reading rate of the barcode scanner are very high. At the same time, they also have very high requirements for dustproof, waterproof splash level and drop level. Smooth use in the temperature range.

The scanner is used in the manufacturing industry to collect barcode data during the production process, and perform statistical analysis and processing through the data collection. The manufacturing industry is divided into heavy industry and light industry, discrete manufacturing and continuous manufacturing. The manufacturing workshop and manufacturing process have their own characteristics. Manufacturers should choose the appropriate barcode scanner or data collector according to their own conditions. .

2. The choice of retail industry

Customers in the retail industry are most concerned about the quality of the scan when purchasing a bar code scanner, and also consider whether the bar code scanner is fast and sensitive, high recognition rate and high cost performance, whether it has the ability to scan damaged or stained barcodes, and lightweight Easy to use and maintain.

For example, fast scanning under supermarket cash register conditions can bring customers a better experience, so they put forward higher requirements on the scanning accuracy of barcode scanners, requiring barcode scanners to scan poorly printed and damaged barcodes. The extended depth of field of some scanners allows the cashier to easily scan the target barcode at a time without worrying about the scanning direction and barcode printing quality, which saves a lot of time and brings the greatest customer experience to customers.The inventory machine used in the inventory of the retail industry requires maximum distance scanning. The special shelf topography of the warehouse places higher requirements on the distance of the scanning terminal.

3. The choice of the logistics industry

The barcode scanner used in the logistics industry to scan goods requires a fast scanning speed, and requires its own power supply. The standby time is long. It is best to have a stand to recharge. In addition, the communication distance is required to be relatively long, with strong anti-interference ability, and with product identification indicator.

The application of automatic identification products in the logistics industry is divided into indoor and outdoor environments. Indoors due to the particularity of the warehouse, high requirements are placed on the scanning speed and the ability to adjust the distance. Users can choose an inventory machine that meets standards-based environmental specifications according to their own needs to maximize efficiency.

4. The choice of medical industry's

The medical industry requires a more robust housing for barcode scanners to resist the erosion of cleaning agents and other chemical reagents, minimizing the workload and time required to read barcodes, and helping patients improve the efficiency and accuracy of visits.

Medical mobile Internet of Things terminals are widely used in various fields such as mobile nurse workstations, outpatient infusion management, doctor patrol ward management, surgical instrument management, drug distribution management, and hospital asset management.

The barcode scanner selected by the medical industry needs an ergonomic design, which is comfortable to feel, ultra-light and portable, and the device is lightweight, suitable for mobile operations of medical personnel; the barcode scanners and mobile data terminals used in the medical industry generally adopt the industry's first antibacterial housing, Make the medical staff use safer, avoid cross infection, more suitable for the application of medical industry.

The above is the purchase skills of the barcode scanner. Xiaobian reminds you to combine your actual needs when purchasing a barcode scanner. First of all, you must see the scanned barcode system, whether it is a one-dimensional barcode or a two-dimensional barcode; see Your own usage habits, whether you are used to hand-held scanning or prefer the wireless transmission scanning method; then consider whether the scanning environment has any special requirements for the barcode scanner, such as the resolution and reading rate of the barcode scanner, or whether it is dustproof and waterproof Splash level and drop level, etc.; the last is to combine your own budget to comprehensively choose a bar code scanner that is most cost-effective for you.

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