CCD Bar Code Reader

The CCD Bar Code Reader uses one or more LEDs to emit light that covers the entire bar code, with manual and continuous mode.
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The CCD Bar Code Reader uses one or more LEDs to emit light that covers the entire bar code. The image of the barcode is transmitted to a row of photodetectors, sampled by each individual photodiode, and the detection result of the adjacent detector is "black" or "white" to distinguish each strip or space to determine the barcode. In other words, the CCD reader does not pay attention to reading every "strip" or "empty", but rather the entire portion of the bar code and converts it into an electrical signal that can be decoded. Compared with other readers, CCD readers are cheaper, but the same is true for reading barcodes. It weighs less than a laser reader and is not as accessible as a light pen.


Model   Number


Performance Parameters

Supported Symbologies

UPC- A, UPC-E, EAN-13, EAN-8, Codabar,   Code 39,Code 39 Full ASCII, China Post, Plessey,MSI,Code   93,Code 128, Industrial 2 of 5, Interleave 2 of 5, Code 11,ISBN, ISSN, Code   32 (Italian pharm code), Code 39extended, NVE - 18, PZN, Ean-14, LOG Mars,   GS1-128and ITF-14, SISAS,GS1Omnidirectional, GS1 Limited,Aviation25, RSS 14.

principle of scanning :

1500 Point ccd Image Sensor

Scan Speed:

≥270   times/s

Scan Method

Manually / Continuous / Automatic



Depth of scan field


Error Rate

Less than 1/5 million




The CCD Bar Code Reader uses 1500 piexl sensors and 32bit cpu, which can easily read 4mil barcodes and wide barcodes around 10cm, which is very cost effective.

It uses a 32-bit processor with a scan speed of up to 270 times per second and a scan depth of 25 cm.

It has 2 working modes, manual and continuous, and the barcode scanner bracket is optional.

It reads 1d linear barcodes from mobile device displays and paper.

It uses 1500 pixel imaging technology, supports 4mil small bar code, and the detachable cable is easy to replace and switch interface.

It is ergonomically designed to maximize productivity.


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